New Workstations and Office Cubicles

Create a personalized workstation that can suit any application.  Our durable, versatile and affordable cubicles can furnish private offices to open plan spaces that promotes productivity and connecting people and technology.

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Open Plan Systems traditionally has been known for remanufacturing systems furniture to provide a high-quality, low-cost, and environmentally-friendly source for modular furniture. In addition to their sustainable solutions, their new OPS2 line of office furniture is made to major manufacturer standards with the added benefits of flexibility and selection, all at a significant cost-savings. Looking for used office cubicles and workstations?

With more than 30 years of office furniture industry experience, Open Plan Systems has developed into the largest remanufacturer of systems with dealers carrying our product lines throughout the country. Open Plan Systems is a leading distributor of seating, case goods, and filing systems, and has developed the innovative tile system and modular walls.

Open Plan Systems products are built to stand the test of time. All of their new and remanufactured products are compatible with the original systems product.

OPS2 TILE FEATURE New Cubicles & Office Workstations
OPS2 PANEL FEATURE New Cubicles & Office Workstations
MODULAR WALLS FEATURE New Cubicles & Office Workstations
DESKING FEATURE New Cubicles & Office Workstations
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AIS is a company built on ingenuity. They’ve truly shaken up the office furniture industry with their ability to manufacture high-end systems and seating utilizing award-winning processes and product designs at an attractive pricepoint.

AIS brings charisma to the office furniture market. They believe office furniture can be fun; it doesn’t have to be so serious. Very simply, they are a group of people who love what they do and this energy is infectious. It translates into award-winning products and manufacturing, marketing ingenuity, happy clients and overall – success.

Vibrant, Unique, Reliable, Committed, Ingenuity, Excellence, Passionate – That’s AIS.

Non-Panel Based Cubicles and Workstations

OXYGEN FEATURE New Cubicles & Office Workstations
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Panel Based Cubicles and Workstation Systems

MATRIX FEATURE New Cubicles & Office Workstations
DIVI FEATURE New Cubicles & Office Workstations
MWALL FEATURE New Cubicles & Office Workstations
AO2 FEATURE New Cubicles & Office Workstations