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Allsteel Office FurnishingsAlways at your service. Allsteel is more than furniture. We’re your partner, offering expertise, vision, and excellent service to support you at every step. From planning and design to manufacturing and delivery. From installation and service to communication and follow-up. Helping you make the most of your workplace. Helping you make the most of your workplace.

Allsteel’s workplace consultants and strategists have the expertise and hands-on experience to align the latest research, trends, and best practices with your company’s strategic goals to help you get more from your workplace.

Best Lead Times in the Office Furniture Industry

When lead time is critical, let us know. Our Customer Support team will discuss your specific requirements and the options available to help meet your schedule. At Allsteel, we’re as proud of our delivery record as we are of our furniture.

Simplifying purchasing and facilities management.
Now ensuring furniture consistency across all of your locations is easy. With Allsteel’s Online Corporate Standards, just specify the furniture, accessories, options, and designated purchasers and this simple, easy-to-manage system will automatically provide access to those products.

Culture and History of Allsteel

At Allsteel, we’re always looking for smart office furniture solutions to your workplace challenges. Our goal isn’t simply to design the next new office system. It’s to find a better way to work. It’s not about creating a beautiful chair. It’s about making you comfortable so you’re free to reach your full potential. And it’s not just about building an efficient workstation. It’s about helping you imagine ways to do even more, more efficiently. Learn more about Allsteel.

Allsteel a Different Way of Doing Business

We believe there’s always a better way to improve workplace efficiency and foster teamwork; another possibility to find office furniture solutions that increase your bottom line and deliver long-term value; a new opportunity to help you be more effective. Which means you’ll have everything you need to make exciting discoveries of your own. So as you forge new frontiers and confront your daily challenges, know that we’re here. Relentlessly seeking new ways to help you get wherever it is you want to go.

Discovering new workplace solutions starts with learning about your challenges and your needs today, and in the future. Because of this unique approach to office furniture design, we are rewarded with customer loyalty and trust. If you ask our customers, they’ll tell you. It’s the people of Allsteel that make the difference.

When office design is purposeful, the result is inspiring.
At Allsteel, great office design transcends any particular type of style. We believe, that our office furniture products should address and solve workplace problems. So our furniture is made to improve productivity, make offices more efficient, increase comfort, and make day-to-day tasks that much easier. Which helps the people who use it to stay focused on the important stuff. Because we have integrated Rapid Continuous Improvement, environmental awareness, recycling, and conscientious materials selection, Allsteel products contribute not just to this lifetime, but the next as well.

We have distinguished ourselves with award-winning products, and were the first office furniture manufacturer to have all products certified either Indoor Advantage or Indoor Advantage Gold and BIFMA level, and the majority of our line can contribute to LEED-CI credits.

At Allsteel, good design is functionality made beautiful.

Allsteel Legacy of Leadership

From its establishment in 1912 as the All-Steel-Equip Co., the Allsteel name has been associated with leadership. That leadership had its roots in the unique working relationship shared by Charles H. Lembcke and John Knell, the entrepreneurs who guided the company through its early years. These two individuals, one a self-driven visionary and the other a gregarious “people person,” understood each other’s distinct abilities. Together they forged a model of teamwork that was quite uncharacteristic for independent-minded business people.

Early successes.
Quick to put cash into their operation, rather than take it out, Lembcke and Knell were committed to building the fledgling metal shop into a top-quality enterprise. Their integrity and cooperative spirit attracted individuals of similar caliber, and the All-Steel-Equip Co. built on its solid reputation. An early entrant in the fledgling power industry, All-Steel-Equip produced metal enclosures used by electrical contractors.

The Allsteel legacy of leadership demonstrated itself repeatedly over the decades that followed. The growing management team often capitalized on new opportunities through acquisitions. More than once, management’s first act would be to shut down the newly acquired company for several weeks while the engineering staff completely redesigned its products and manufacturing processes. Thus, even in its early days, the Allsteel brand became associated with its founders’ passion to produce nothing that wasn’t the best in its class.

Our foray into office furniture design.
The company’s early lockers and steel cabinets were popular accessories in office environments and, near the end of the Great Depression, the product line expanded to include vertical files. When steel became readily available after World War II, Allsteel introduced a line of steel desks. Described as “knock down” in design, these modular units could be custom-configured at the dealership to meet a myriad of individual or workplace requirements.

The company grew in two directions, manufacturing electrical components and office furniture. Eventually the electrical division would be spun off into a separate enterprise within CIT, Allsteel’s new parent company. This allowed the Allsteel management team to focus on office furniture design, just as the white-collar workforce became the new driver in economic growth.

The lateral file is born.
Perhaps no single event cemented the Allsteel reputation for leadership and progressive thinking like the development and popularization of the lateral file. First created in 1967 by B.K. Johl (later to be known as Allsteel of Canada), the lateral file revolutionized records management.

The lateral file offered many advantages over the traditional file. Its wide drawers held records in side-to-side, or lateral, format. Files displayed in this manner were easier to identify, remove, and replace. The shallow front-to-back dimensions and short distance of drawer travel made the lateral file a more space-efficient storage solution. Moreover, the clean, uncluttered appearance was far more appealing than a conventional vertical file.

Driven by functional design.
Today, we’re continuing the rich Allsteel legacy with furniture design focused on innovative, easy-to-use functionality. We continually test materials to ensure durability, recyclability, and their ability to look great through a whole life cycle of use. Our products cover a range of styles, but offer a classic look that stands the test of time. And being true to our heritage, we continually seek to create products that are the best in their class.

We’ve worked collaboratively with some of America’s leading designers, including Mitch Bakker, Bruce Fifield, Marcus Koepke, and BMW Group DesignworksUSA. Our product work often wins awards from the Industrial Designers Society of America, the International Interior Design Association, the American Institute of Architects, and Best of NeoCon, and is frequently recognized by design and architectural magazines.