employee input

Enlisting Employee Input in Updating Your Colorado Springs Office and Furniture

An employee’s workspace is their own domain, a place where they spend the better part of their waking hours. When you decide it’s time for an office redesign, be careful how and when you choose to make the change.

While most people love to see improvement in their daily surroundings, restructuring an office can also be seen as an inconvenience, no matter how necessary.  The best way to keep the changes feeling like the needed enhancements they truly are is to invite employee participation and ask for input.

Ways to Invite Employee Involvement

Having a measure of control makes employees feel more invested in the company and valued as members.  Looking to give your office space a new look or just reorganize?  Here are a few ways you can involve employees for a happier and healthier work atmosphere:

  • Cubicle Arrangement.  It’s likely that each department knows best who they most should be situated near and which groups they most interact with.  Ask each team for their opinions when it comes to laying out offices and cubicle workstations.  Even though you may not follow every recommendation, their requests will provide you with extra perspective.
  • Naming Conference Rooms. Many companies choose to have their conference room names follow a certain theme or hook.  Have a contest to decide or ask employees who use the rooms the most to vote on their favorite titles.
  • Selecting Furniture.  While many factors go into the purchase of furniture, you can choose to be flexible about exact style and type.  After all, your employees represent your company so they could well choose the pieces to match.  Specifically, chairs come in a range of sizes and supports – consider letting each employee choose the seat that is ergonomically the best for them.
  • Decoration.  This remodel is a great chance to try new ways of decorating.  Again, your employees are your company, so let them find ways to reflect that.  Have employees design a mural for a major wall or have each department or cubicle create a unique style for their area.
  • Room Usage.  The conference room shuffle is a never ending game, and it may seem like there is never enough space at the right times.  During reevaluation, survey to see if smaller or bigger conference rooms are most in demand.
  • Updates.  For this and any major change affecting employees in the office, create a digital spot for project updates to be posted.  Open a forum for questions and suggestions and appoint a contact person who can provide any extra status information.

Not only do these small yet significant steps take some of the work off your plate in the massive undertaking of an office revamp, but they will also actively engage your team to work together toward a common goal.  The improvements will remain to connect employees to your Colorado Springs office, beyond just the quality of the furniture.