cluttered computer

Beyond the Desks: Decluttering Your Computer

Once you’ve tackled ways to make the exterior of your office space look new and fresh, turn to the place where a surprising amount of clutter accumulates: your computer desktop.  While it may not be a place you immediately think to organize, this “invisible” clutter can take a toll on office coordination.

Decluttering the Desktop

Clearing and organizing will help to mentally refresh the look and feel of your computer and enable you to find documents more efficiently.  Look at these simple ways to start sprucing up your computer right away.

  • Reorganize Desktop

Make it easy to access the files that you use every day and stow away things that you want only for later reference.  Set up 2-3 folders on your desktop.  Designate them for business documents, necessary forms and other things you need to access every day.  Remove everything else from your background for less visual distraction and to keep yourself more organized.

  • Empty Trash

Even though you may delete something from your computer, it doesn’t actually disappear.  It simply moves to that ominous icon indicating the trash can, so all the extra fluff that you tried to get rid of is actually still weighing you down.  Get into the habit of emptying your trash every week, giving you time to reconsider items if necessary and then quickly free up the space on a regular basis.

  • Clear Downloads

This is an even less common area of evaluation, so clutter can build up fast.  Every time you click on an email attachment, download a .pdf or open any document, picture, video or music from online, that item stays saved in your downloads file.  Found on the main menu, this folder is full of content that you never meant to save.  Most likely you can delete most of it, immediately freeing up quite a bit of space.

  • Erase Internet History

Your computer retains a huge amount of your daily Internet browsing history.  Each website you visit, every search you perform and all the transactions that take place are held in its memory.  Some pieces of information, like remembered passwords and usernames, are useful, but the majority of it is pure wasted memory, so figure out how to manually delete cookies and other data or find programs that can help clear away some of the excess.

It may not seem like much, but clearing space on your computer will definitely lift some weight both mentally and physically from your digital area.  These steps take only a few minutes each, well worth the reward of productivity.  It’s just one more way you can get into the upgrading and overhauling mode, preparing yourself and the desks in your Denver office for a new year and a fresh start.