Top 10 Tips to Get Motivated With the New Year in Your Colorado Office

As employees trickle back from holidays, vacations end and weeks (of way too much food) settle, it can be difficult to get motivated.  Shake off the doldrums and charge on into the exciting potential of 2014. 

Here are 10 great ways to get back in the swing of things and be productive again.

  1. Focus your mind.  One of the biggest obstacles may very well be your own brain: zoning out and drifting off, having difficulty paying attention to the task at hand. Retrain yourself to rein in your wandering thoughts and keep tuned in mentally.
  2. Find motivation.  Seek out the people around you who have the same desire to be productive as you do.  Encourage each other in all of your endeavors and share ways with each other to help be motivated together.
  3. Create goals.  Beyond the resolutions, select goals for your own growth in the new year.  Broad or specific, make sure these objectives are realistic, but will still provide you with challenges in the months ahead.
  4. Be flexible.  Even as you strive to improve, give yourself room to adjust and don’t let it get you down if you aren’t always on track.  Consider that your earlier goals were a foundation for even better things ahead.
  5. Accept responsibility.  Stop blaming luck, fate or other people for circumstances and acknowledge your own role.  Taking responsibility will cause you to tread more carefully and act more mindfully.
  6. Work toward perfection.  If you expect to be perfect before achieving anything, nothing will ever get done.  Make improvement part of the journey, not a requirement for starting it.
  7. Train your body.  The right food and plenty of exercise are essential for motivating your body.  The better you feel the more energy you have and the more you can accomplish.
  8. Have purpose.  No one likes feeling that their activities are meaningless in the long run.  Make sure that everything you do is contributing to a larger effort; avoid wasting effort on pursuits that serve no real goal.
  9. Learn from mistakes.  Rather than feeling disheartened or moving on too quickly, stop and try to understand the what, why and how of your error.  The more you know about your failures the more you can avoid them in the future.
  10. Refuse complacency.  No matter how impressive the success or how easy the path ahead seems, never be satisfied.  Always remember how much room you have to grow and continue to strive for new levels.

From the layout of your office furniture to the organization of your computer desktop, de-cluttering and revitalizing are great ways to make your Colorado workplace a motivating atmosphere.  Here’s to an inspired 2014!