Tips for Selecting Herman Miller Cubicles and Other Furniture for the Office

Setting up a new office or upgrading an old one is no small task.  The furniture in your workplace will reflect the company culture and dictate the experience that clients and employees can expect.  An investment in your office furniture is an investment in your workers and in your reputation.  It demonstrates a level of attention to detail and to the basic structure of your business.

Looking for a place to start in your office furniture search?  Here are a few points to keep in mind when searching for the perfect workplace solution.

Analyze Your Space – Carefully consider your office as it is now, beyond just taking the measurements.  Is it an open space with lots of room to work with?  Sectioned off into many smaller rooms?  Is it equipped with enough storage?  Compare how your work place is with how you would like it to look and function.  Herman Miller cubicles, for instance, can turn empty areas into usable workstations, or partition off collaboration zones.  Fit the furniture to the space.

Prioritize Comfort – While you want your office furniture to portray the style and flair that is the spirit of your company, it must, of course, also be functional.  Look for:

  • Chairs with adjustable heights and good lower back support
  • Desks that sit at an accessible height with lots of working space
  • Footstools for extra support and to enable better ergonomics
  • Bookshelves and filing cabinets for storage space, to promote clutter-free work zones

Make sure there is a substantial physical support in place for the people who will be spending the better part of their week working for you.

Choose Quality – With the wide selection of quality used furniture available, there’s no reason to scrimp when it comes to quality.  In fact, Desks Incorporated is determined to only purchase the highest caliber of pre-owned pieces.  Investing in the best now will pay off in the long run and make your office overhaul a success from the start.

Decide on a Budget – Before getting too deep into the furniture purchasing process, sit down to figure out an exact employee headcount.  Then decide on an ideal office and cubicle structure per person.  Compare these two numbers and come up with a reasonable and manageable budget.  Having a number in mind from the onset will narrow down your search, saving you time and hassle later on.

Remodeling your office is a monumental task, so do it right the first time.  Pick your priorities carefully and stick to your vision.  Before long, your office can be an efficient layout of deliberately designed cubicles, perfectly placed desks and versatile seating options.