Colorado Springs Businesses Save on Used Office Furniture by Avoiding 6 Common Mistakes

In your office furniture purchase endeavor, there are a lot of factors to consider and endless options to explore.  Such an undertaking affects a lot of people, not to mention the cost of time and money.  With such high stakes, it’s even more important to be deliberate about every decision.

Here are 6 common mistakes you should avoid making when on the hunt to furnish your workplace.

1. Shopping before forming a plan

Just like grocery shopping while hungry, furniture shopping without a clear picture of what you need will leave you with a cart full of items that will cause you to shake your head later on.  Define your office style, count the number of employees, factor the necessary pieces per person, and measure out each space.  Know your parameters from the beginning and stick to your vision.

2. Choosing appearance before comfort

No matter how sophisticated the furniture may appear, style cannot replace comfort in any way.  How physically comfortable your employees are will directly relate to their ability to be productive.  Therefore, comfortable furniture equals efficiency throughout the workplace, and progress for your company.

3. Purchasing untested pieces

While you will probably spend lots of time browsing the web for ideas on your furniture purchase, you should never make that final decision without seeing the product for yourself.  Sit in the chairs, type at the desk and open the cabinet drawers.  Fabrics and materials may be the wrong look or inconsistent with your office vibe.  Websites are no replacement for an in person experience, so that you can know for yourself that the furniture is right.

4. Not considering value 

Don’t go for the lowest cost items.  Beyond the price tag, each piece of furniture should be chosen for its durability and lifespan.  A bargain is only worthwhile if the chair or desk will last.  It’s better to pay a little more up front than to be paying extra down the line for replacements or repairs.

5. Buying from vendors who don’t offer support

Even with the best quality furniture, something could still go wrong.  If you have some sort of warranty or agreement with your seller for follow up and options for maintenance, then you will still be benefiting from the value of your purchase.  If you are left to deal with issues without any guarantee or support, your work and investment could be diminished sooner than you expected.

6. Failing to consider future growth  

Unless you plan on making furniture upgrade a yearly process, you should buy with the future in mind.  Purchase enough to supply not only your current staff, but also the number of employees your company expects to add to the team in the next few years.  Being prepared allows you to maintain your chosen styles and avoid repeating the task too soon.

Investing in quality used office furniture is a big step, and an important move for your company’s growth.  Armed with what not to do, Colorado Springs businesses can further contribute to their bottom lines from the inside out.