Choosing the Perfect Chairs for Your Denver Office Space

The command seat for many a high profile decision and the landing zone for every eager intern, the office chair is a central piece of furniture in any office.  Thus the decision-making process for selecting office chairs is more in-depth and important than you may realize.

Basic Features of a Good Chair

How do you select the perfect chair that will work well for perhaps hundreds of employees?  Here’s a comprehensive list of the basic features that should factor into the purchase of the ideal chairs for any office in or out of Denver.

  • Good lumbar support for the lower back, adjustable to fit a variety of individuals
  • Adjustability, not just for the typical height and arm, but also for arm width and height, seat back width and height, seat and back angle and tension control
  • Wheel base that works in your office, easily rolling on carpet or whatever surface used, to reduce strain from reaching
  • Swivel base allowing easy access to various parts of a desk, again reducing the need for extensive reaching
  • Breathable, stain resistant fabric with a well cushioned seat for comfort in any weather and to improve extended periods of sitting time

Learning How to Sit

While it may seem like a simple thing, bad posture is harder to unlearn than many realize and can contribute to many workplace discomforts.

  • Backrest should follow the shape of the spine, supporting the lower back especially
  • Back of the chair should reach the middle of the shoulder blades or higher for adequate support
  • Feet should be flat on the floor, or propped up with a footstool
  • Arms should rest close to the body with shoulders relaxed
  • Eyes should come to the level of the top of the computer screen
  • There should be two to three finger lengths of space between the seat of the chair and the back of the knee.

Ensuring the Ideal Chair

Even with a list in hand, it can be difficult to make the final selection for an entire office.  To incorporate employees into the process and receive extra input to assist in the decision:

  • Buy for longevity of the furniture, not just for perceived bargain
  • Bring a variety of possible chairs into the office space for employees to test for comfort and fit
  • When comfort has been ensured, consider a style to match the look and feel of your company culture

A good chair will promote the health and comfort of employees, increasing their productivity and minimizing injuries.  Make good ergonomics a priority for your chairs, and see the quality of work among your Denver employees improve over time.