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12 Questions to Ask When Buying New or Pre-Owned Office Furniture

Buying new or pre-owned office furniture can be a complex project.  The right furniture can go a long way to promote employee satisfaction, just as the wrong furniture can do much to harm it.

Ask your furniture dealer a few very important questions about each piece of furniture to quickly narrow your search and give you confidence about who you are working with.

  • Do you offer a variety of furniture choices from which I can fulfill the particular needs of my office?  The more options provided, the better you can compare across styles and brands.
  • Does your fabric selection contain the colors and styles to complement my company image and enhance the decor?  It is important to have flexible color and style options that will work well with a particular design.
  • Can you instruct me on quality of fabrics, why to choose one over the other, and how to maintain them properly?  The more you can learn about fabric and furniture upkeep, the longer you can keep the value in your investment and your furnishings looking kept.
  • What is the quality rating and life expectancy of these furniture items?  Get a clear idea of the true value of what you are purchasing, and aim to invest in the long run.
  • How is the final “delivered price” factored to include taxes, freight charges, special services or other fees?  Know if the prices listed are what you will actually end up paying or if there is a certain percentage more you should count on.
  • How long will it take to deliver and install my furniture, and what guarantee can you give me regarding timeline and budget?  Make sure that the particular dealer has the capacity to work within your ideal time and money limitations.
  • What is your return policy, and what steps would I need to take in that event?  You need to know provided solutions to scenarios where the furniture doesn’t work out, and how accommodating they will be.
  • What is your repair policy and what are the costs for replacement parts?  When wheels break or drawers stall, there needs to be some assurance that they can follow through.
  • How long is the warranty period and what is covered?  Details are key here, and there should be a reasonable time during which the furniture is protected.
  • Do you offer furniture on loan in the event of an item returned for repair?  This feature will go a long way to avoid interruptions in productivity when an item needs some maintenance.
  • What are your service and support policies after the sale?  Does the vendor keep your purchases on file for future expansion or maintain a relationship with you in other ways?
  • Can you provide me with any local references?  For any services that are not supplied by the dealer, they can often provide you with a trusted connection that can help.

Working with a furniture dealer whom you trust and who can provide thorough information up front will save you time and money, now and in the long run.