Flex Your Creativity and Find Your Passion

Wherever you are in your career, any aspiring entrepreneur has plans for the future and dreams for what more lies ahead.  For some, these dreams are less defined.

Uncovering your passion can start you on a path to success in a business that is rewarding and enjoyable.  

  • Look to your childhood loves.  At the heart of the child at play is the seed of an adult dream.  Experts know that child’s play shows much about who they are and who they become as they grow.  What did you love to do when you were young?  Some of the greatest aficionados of our time began their career in some way in childhood.  Dig out old toys and photos to draw out experiences that may still hold a special place in your heart and even lend something to your career choices.
  • Create an imagination board.  Allowing yourself to be as freely creative as you can, turn a poster board into a collage of images, sayings, articles, poems and other inspirations.  Surround yourself with these images that inspire you for one reason or another and follow the themes.  Recognize what is missing in the board and consider ways to fill in the gaps that will realize your vision and lead to greater fulfillment.
  • Identify your models.  What are the people doing whom you want to emulate?  There are already people successfully doing what you are interested in pursuing – find out who they are and how they got there.  Study their steps and plan for ways to imitate them.  The process is significant, and of the many journeys that others have gone through, some variation will be the one that works for you.
  • Try your hand.  Instead of waiting to have an extensive business plan, find a way to start doing what you love right away.  Over planning could result in burnout before you ever get to the execution stage, so find a way to do what you enjoy even if you can’t yet find a way to make it profitable.  Exercise your passion and build your network while developing and refining your plan.  Action is a great way to lose your fear and jumpstart your future.
  • Break away from business.  Amidst all the professional practices and business mindset, you can rest and revive at the heart of what you truly love.  This mental vacation gives you a chance to refresh your ideas away from the strict pragmatism of the office and find connections that can be missed when too focused on one aspect.  Notice anew the things you are passionate about and find ways to incorporate them back into your life.

Exploring avenues for creativity sparks the passion in you.  Don’t be afraid to get away from your Denver office on occasion and return with the ability to put the furniture, and your brain, to even better use.