Training Your Brain to Stay Focused

There is never a shortage of things to do, and staying focused can be a challenge when there is a constant demand for your attention from employees and clients, through emails and phone calls and in-person visits.

Staying focused on tasks at hand and not allowing yourself to be distracted by the many other things going on is an important skill to have to be successful.  

Being Focused and Productive

While multitasking has an essential place in the work day, it can also pose problems.  Trying to work on multiple projects at once may result in mistakes, oversights and unnecessary stress, not to mention some projects never get completed.  These easy tips can help you start more focused and productive work habits.

  • Creativity first.  While the assumption is that mindless tasks should be completed first, this tactic actually drains your energy much quicker than necessary.  Start on projects that require creative thinking first thing in the morning to jumpstart your brain and then give it a break with something easier.
  • Designate your time carefully.  Of course, no one can be focused all of the time, and some experts claim that most of us are only truly focused for as little as six hours per week.  Everyone has a different time of peak attention; try to find out if you work best during the morning, evening or night, and where you find your best thinking to take place, either in or out of the office.
  • Exercise your mind.  Just as any other muscle, your brain needs to be trained.  In a world where multitasking is the expectation, you lose the ability to focus on just one thing.  Retrain your brain to concentrate on a single commitment and turn off all distractions.  Starting with only a few minutes per day, work up to large chunks of time during which you are fully concentrating on the task at hand.

Don’t try for constant, all-encompassing focus; instead, try to achieve a certain amount of deep focus each day to truly maximize productivity.  Give yourself room to improve and consider any amount of concentration a win in the drastic change you are asking of yourself.

Focusing on Office Furniture

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