Office Hacks to Brighten Your Day and Improve Productivity

It’s always great to find new ways to boost your productivity and get better organized.  These simple yet genius life hacks will help you manage your time at work like a pro and keep your office streamlined and efficient.


  • Take pictures of business cards.  Prone to losing business cards handed to you and don’t want to misplace the contact info?  Snap a picture on your phone right away and go through later on to make it the contact photo for the person.
  • Organize cords with binder clips.  Attach clips to the edge of your desk then thread each cord through an individual clip for easy access.  You’ll never need to fish underneath your desk again.
  • Twist tie up cords.  Extra twist ties or clawed hair clips work great for keeping ear buds from snarling or other cords from knotting.
  • Maximize password security.  For a truly unique and secure password, go beyond English characters.  Make the symbol “ä” by typing Esca”Esc, or “é” by typing Esce’Esc.  Save the sequence somewhere on your desktop for quick copy+paste ability.
  • Velcro it down.  For all those items that have permanent places you want them to stay, use strips of Velcro.  You can even attach them to walls or sides of your desk to clear up desktop clutter.
  • Color-coded cords.  To keep track of which cord does what, use different colored duct tape or nail polish, assigning different colors to individual electronics and functions.
  • Quick clean keyboard.  The hard to reach areas of the keyboard never seem truly clean.  For a quick spruce up, use strips of clear tape to clear out dust and lint from the deep edges of the keyboard letters.
  • Stay hydrated by the hour.  Label your water bottle with times of the work day, marking how much you need to drink by each hour.  This easy reminder will help you stay healthy and hydrated while in the midst of your work day.
  • Whiteboard your wall.  Use whiteboard or chalkboard paint to create a convenient place to jot down notes and brainstorm ideas, keeping what’s next at the forefront of your mind.
  • Timer at coffee pot.  Avoid drinking old coffee and know when it’s time to make more by leaving a timer at the coffee station.  Start it when the pot is brewed to let others know the exact age of coffee.

It doesn’t take a lot to streamline your tasks and boost your productivity.  A few simple tricks can keep your desk feeling clear and your focus on the task at hand.  From office chair to lunchroom, what are some other things you can do to keep your Denver office buzzing with productivity?