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The Future of Office Furniture: Denver & The World

In a business world that is in a state of constant change, the future of office furniture in Denver is a key topic. Although the future of technology and business is often unpredictable, the need for comfortable and content employees is a consistently relevant concern. Office furniture, and its impact on the comfort levels of a wide array of working individuals, plays a large role in directing the future of the business world on both a local and national level. 

With big companies such as Apple and Google redesigning and remodeling their headquarters in the past year, there has been an increase in attention to small, yet essential details such as office furniture. Much of the talk is centered on the idea of unification. No longer will businesses have the polarized stereotypes of the introvert and extrovert. To compensate for an evolving business world, many companies will emphasize office furniture that caters to a certain level of dichotomy in the workplace.

In his CIO article about the future of the workplace, Jeff Bertolucci highlights several emerging pieces of office furniture, including a cubicle that utilizes a balance between privacy and translucency. The idea behind these futuristic-looking cubicles is to promote productivity while also encouraging interaction. “The translucent mesh walls encourage communication among worker bees – and give inveterate tent campers that comfortable in-the-woods feeling – at the price of reducing privacy a bit,” says Bertolucci.

Another emerging concept is the idea of multi-functioning pieces of office furniture in the future. Making furniture adaptable and adjustable will not only cater to individual comfort, it will fully utilize the object’s design. It is no surprise that individuals have different body types in addition to individualized work habits; designing office furniture to cater to both categories will optimize happiness in the workplace.

In order to fully adapt to the future of office furniture in Denver, businesses should contact professionals to redesign their offices to fit the needs of every worker. If you are curious about emerging trends in the business furniture world, or have questions on how to optimize your office, you deserve to talk to Desks Incorporated, a leader in the industry. Contact us today to discuss our space planning and remodeling services.

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