Tips for Organizing Home Office Desks

In a recent study conducted by the Telework Research Network, it was found that a staggering one in five Americans now work from home. Whether they are self-employed entrepreneurs, or involved in telecommunications, as many as 30 million individuals work from a home office at least once a week. This number is projected to increase 63% in the next five years.

With these high numbers, it comes as no surprise that the popularity in home office desks in Denver has increased. What many individuals don’t realize is that they can easily create a home office with minimal fuss. All that is needed is enough work space and a positive attitude to get the job done. Refer to these four quick tips to optimize your home office space.

1) Office desks need a clean work area. This means investing in an adequately and appropriately sized desk. While you do not need superfluous pieces of furniture, you will need just enough. Clutter is one of the first mistakes in home offices.

2) Establish activity spaces. You will need space for computer hardware and equipment, a spot for reference materials, and a location for supplies and paper. In order to utilize efficiency, do not let these spaces pervade each other!

3) Keep track of all your equipment, including the small stuff. Use zip ties to organize wires, binder clips and labels to organize important paperwork, and rolodexes to keep track of business contacts, passwords, and written notes.

4) Properly place hardware and equipment. If you use your printer daily, it should be within easy reach. If you rarely use your scanner, it can be placed under your desk or even out of your work place.

Organization should be the number one home office desk priority in Denver. If you need help picking the right equipment, or want to talk to someone about home office organization, contact Desks Incorporated today: 303-777-7778.

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