Denver Used Office Furniture & the Power of Recycling

In recent years, recycling has been at the forefront of many company’s policies. The public generally seems to understand what recycling is, but it often seems confused about why it actually helps. While many companies have perfectly useable but old furniture sitting around their back room or in storage, they seem to face a similar confusion about where to dispose of it.

That’s where we fit in. At Desks Incorporated, we truly believe in the power of recycling. We understand that you may be afraid that the old furniture will end up in landfills—and that’s partially why you let those old swivel chairs and dented file cabinets collect dust. However, at Desks Incorporated, we want your old furniture. We are committed to reusing and recycling used office furniture in Denver.

Recycling used office furniture means conserving resources and reducing the solid waste stream. Many materials used in the construction of office furniture—wood, aluminum, plastics and fibers—can be reused. While these materials are often cheap and easy to reproduce, they are ultimately a limited resource. Recycling takes the waste factor out of the equation, reduces the solid waste in our landfills, and makes sure that resources are being fully utilized.

The corporate world seems to be caught in a continuous cycle of upsizing and downsizing. Often, this results in excessive amounts of wasted furniture. Instead of recycling or investigating used options, companies will invest in new office furniture, despite the fact that the old furniture is still more than adequate.

Due to the mixed-materials construction of most furniture, reusing is ultimately much easier than recycling. We will buy used furniture because we believe it still has life left in it. We urge companies and individuals to sell us any furniture that is no longer wanted. We evaluate pre-owned furniture, and offer professional remodeling services that fully guarantee satisfaction in products. We have the ability to fully customize used furniture, which will benefit the aesthetics and productivity of your office.

At Desks Incorporated, we believe in the power of recycling. If you have questions about your old furniture, or would like to investigate the option of Denver used office furniture, we urge you to contact us at 303-777-7778. Help us help the environment and your company, and fully utilize the power of natural resources.

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