Herman Miller Cubicles & the Importance of Good Posture

Office cubicle trends can come and go, especially with the term ergonomic being bandied about recently. Unfortunately, one trend that has been especially prevalent over the years is bad posture. We’ve all seen variations of bad desk stance: the turtle, the slouch, the slump, the curl. While bad posture may seem harmless, the consequences can be painful including jaw pains, neck pains, and headaches. At its worst, bad posture can cause muscle strain, tiny fractures, and even more serious outcomes.

It’s no surprise that the dominance of computer work is the harbinger of bad posture and that uninterrupted time at a desk can cause bad posture. However, while movement is ideal, some days, workers simply do not have time to take necessary breaks, and must endure long shifts at their desks. In our modern business world, bad posture should not even be an option; discomfort should not be the outcome of hard work. Herman Miller cubicles have the power to utilize ergonomic efficiency and individual comfort.

Herman Miller office furniture products are well known for their quality and award-winning design, which emphasizes comfort and convenience. With their open plan designs, Herman Miller cubicles are designed to mirror an organization’s culture and elevate its success. At Desks Incorporated, we understand that system furniture is an investment for your company. By utilizing the best remanufactured Herman Miller AO2 systems, our furniture is manufactured to the same specifications as new equipment, and is built to stand the test of time.

We will work with your company to find the best Herman Miller options for your individual business. We understand that too many choices can be overwhelming, and therefore, Desks Incorporated offers Herman Miller products that are customizable, yet cohesive. Open plan systems offer products at significant savings and use earth friendly business practices and materials. By providing products that encourage positive posture, your company’s comfort is guaranteed.

Imagine a business environment where individuals are comfortable, and good posture is instinctive, due to ergonomic products. Yes, cubicle trends come and go, but comfort is forever. At Desks Incorporated, we promise that bad posture will be a trend of the past with Herman Miller cubicles. To discuss open plan designs today, we urge you to contact us at 303-777-7778.

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