The Importance of Your Desk

So just how important is your desk? Considering the fact that you spend around 40 hours a week seated in it, the answer should be pretty obvious. While the idea of spending half your life at your desk may seem fairly oppressive, at Desks Incorporated, we embrace this idea. We think of your desk as a means for inspiration and imagination.

There’s something inherently important about having a workplace to call your own. We believe that customization and ownership go hand-in-hand; your desk should be your catalyst for success. That’s why we’re committed to carry the best Denver desks to optimize your personal success.

A place to call your own

In the early 1990s, advertising agencies introduced the concept of the flexible workplace. The idea was to encourage a nomadic worker—workers no longer claimed personal ownership of their workplace. Many people rejected this idea and the complete implementation of the nomadic worker was a failed social experiment. Our current model embraces a mix of two eras: the autonomous nomad of the 90s and the cubicle-tethered worker of the 70s and 80s.

Although we can access information with our laptops and smartphones, and remote work has become a viable, professional option, there’s something about the desk that keeps us from being entirely nomadic. Having an area where that we can call our own is both a symbolic and physical manifestation of comfort and security. As workers, we are most productive in spaces we can call our own. Your desk is a vehicle for productivity.

For some, a desk is a clean, neatly organized surface. For others, it is a seemingly chaotic clutter of papers and books. Some will argue that surrounding yourself with pictures and memorabilia only helps foster creativity; you are essentially recreating your world and immersing yourself in familiarity. Others need a pristine surface to focus on their work. Whatever your preference, your desk is your own space.

We are here for you

At Desks Incorporated, we carry a large selection of new and used desks from manufactures like Mayline, Inwood, DARRAN, DMI, Hooker, LaCasse and more. While we certainly offer the best Denver desks, our services do not stop there.

We understand that moving furniture is complicated, time consuming, and time sensitive. That’s why we can do it for you. We will work with you to coordinate a smooth and easy transition, assemble and re-assemble your desk, and create a productive workspace within your time frame. We go through multiple checkpoints throughout the assembly process ensuring each product is constructed and assembled to the highest standards.

If you are interested in purchasing new or used desks to bolster productivity, contact us today. We offer countless options to help you create a place of your own. For more information, give us a call at 303-777-7778.

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