Flexibility, Adaptability: The Story of Herman Miller Cubicles

In 1964, Herman Miller unveiled Action Office, an office plan unlike anything the industry had seen. The plan was the brainchild of Robert Propst, one of the first designers to argue that office work is greatly affected by environmental factors. Unlike traditional business culture of the 60s, Action Office emphasized motion—the idea being that physical movement stimulates the mind and increases productivity. However, when it first debuted, Action Office was harshly received by critics, and derided for being “too modern.”

Instead of complying with industry standards, the criticism of Action Office inspired Propst to work even harder. Propst’s insisted that change was necessary for a workforce that valued an “unforgiving” mindset—or in other words, a business world that was resistant to change. Propst focused on the concept of the “workstation” for the “human performer.” The office plan anticipated the rise of the computer and the rise of automated tasks.

Through flexibility and modularity, Propst’s reconfiguring of Action Office centered on the idea of customization; he wanted Action Office II to be moveable and flexible. When Action II debuted, it was again touted as incredibly modern. Although sales were slow at first, Herman Miller soon received praise from the office furniture industry. Copycats emerged, and the idea of Action Office became more popular.

Companies embraced the idea of the Action Office, but reconfigured Propst’s idea of the moveable “human performer.” Instead, they were drawn to the idea of the Action Office due to its affordability and flexibility. Herman Miller cubicles and workstation products were adopted by the office furniture industry for their versatility, fast and easy reconfiguration, and durability. Although Propst’s original business philosophy was slightly altered, the Herman Miller idea became the framework for the modern cubicle.

Today, the Action Office system continues to adapt. That’s why Desks Incorporated offers Herman Miller cubicles. Desks Incorporated is the Colorado dealer for Open Plan Systems, the largest remanufacturer of Herman Miller AO2 workstations. Our remanufacturing process is an excellent way to save money without sacrificing quality. We guarantee that remanufactured cubicles and workstations are indistinguishable from new ones—your furniture comes with a new life and a new warranty.

Open Plan Signature Workstations, our most popular program, allows your business to choose from five standard paint finishes, two base colors, 250 fabrics, and eight work surface finishes at an exceptional price. By remanufacturing Herman Miller AO2 cubicles and workstations, Open Plan Systems creates a new product at significant savings, all while using earth friendly business practices and materials.

By adapting to your business needs, we pledge to stay true to the original Action Office business model. Desks Incorporated is here to work with your business. We will provide you with affordable refurbished Herman Miller cubicles that will fit your office needs. Call us at 303-777-7778 for more information.

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