Executive Desks

Codes of Conduct to Follow at Executive Office Desks

Your desk should be the focal point of your office, and at Desks Incorporated, we have a wide array of executive office desks, both new and used, to set the mood for your workspace.  Traditionally, the executive desk refers to a double pedestal desk, which offers a professional look, along with the storage, filing, and work surface space you need to be productive.

You should strive to be presentable at your executive desk. Here are some general codes of conduct you should consider to make an impression at your desk.

  • Keep your workplace tidy and organized.
  • Do not throw paper and wrappings here and there; throw them in dustbin.
  • Discard of any unwanted pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, markers and so on.
  • Keep all your stationery items in their proper spots; again, throw away what all you don’t need.
  • Avoid keeping stacks of files at your desk: this makes your desk look cluttered and unprofessional. File them in their respective drawers with appropriate labels to avoid unnecessary searching.
  • Avoid bringing useless soft toys, pictures, and candles to work; generally speaking, keep your personal life out of the office.
  • Your office phone should be used only for official purposes; avoid long (or personal) calls.
  • Don’t put (excessive) posters of your celebrities or cars on the walls; it is unprofessional and childish.
  • Keep a notepad and pen handy to jot down important contact numbers
  • Eating at your desk attracts cockroaches and insects. Go to the cafeteria or break room for lunch. Sure, it will keep your desk clean, but it also will provide you with a necessary break and allow you to spend time with your colleagues.
  • Never peer into colleague’s workstations. Knock or ask for permission before entering into their personal space.
  • Be mindful of your tone and pitch while speaking; there are other employees sitting around you.
  • If you need to talk to any of your colleagues, use instant messaging or an extension phone. Do not shout from your desk. If you have to, just get up and walk to the other person’s desk.
  • Keep your car keys, Bluetooth, earphones and other personal belongings in one place.
  • Develop the habit of using a tabletop calendar. It is a professional habit and will reduce the need for unnecessary scrap paper.
  • Turn off your printer, scanner, computer, and light when you leave for the day.
  • Do not bring newspaper—or any superfluous reading material—from home and pile on your desk.