Productivity Tips

Increase Your Productivity: Advice From Experts in the Denver Area

At Desks Incorporated, we know the benefits of investing in the finest used office furniture in the Denver area. This simple process can increase efficiency and happiness, and can make your workday much more tolerable. However, we also know that productivity is affected by other factors. Here are 5 tips on how to increase your productivity: at the office, at home, and in general.

1) Be Realistic and Seek Help

Although it may be easy to routinely accept tasks and assignments, it is important to keep in mind that you have other responsibilities. It’s okay: everybody needs a helping hand sometimes. Finding trustworthy coworkers and friends to delegate tasks to is a completely healthy thing to do.

You should feel comfortable about seeking help or assistance from others. Be confident, and establish a symbiotic relationship; offer to help them at other times. Provide your colleague with all the necessary resources, and most importantly, explain to them why you are seeking their assistance. People like to help—just remember to be realistic with your expectations.

2) Time is Essential: Weed out Unnecessary Meetings & Events

This idea should manifest itself in many ways. Knowing what meetings or events to refuse is very important if you want to utilize your productivity. Know when a meeting is essential; if it can be skipped, use your time in other ways. Delegating appropriate times to your own work is ultimately very rewarding, even if networking seems tempting.

3) Create to-do Lists

It is a given that sometimes workers forget tasks at the office. However, if you properly utilize resources and create lists to remind you of your tasks, you are less likely to forget them. In our contemporary world, there are thousands of apps to help with organization, including Google Tasks, which synchs with Gmail, Google Calendar, and the Google mobile app to make it easy to view your to-dos. Pen and paper works too. You’ll be surprised at how simplicity can make such a difference.

4) Take Breaks

By now, it has been shown that too much desk time is not the best for your body. A recent study linked heart attacks and sitting for a majority of the day. It is likely that lipoprotein lipase—the enzyme used to break down fat in the bloodstream and convert it to energy—is affected by too much sitting. If you spend over 8 hours a day at a desk, not only will you notice a decrease in energy, you are potentially harming your long-term health. Do yourself a favor: take a break from your desk and go on a jog or walk.

5) Reward Yourself

In a culture that associates self-praise with guilt, it is rare that we celebrate personal milestones. We’re here to say that rewarding yourself—within reason, of course—is not a bad thing. When you finish a task, treat yourself to sushi or other (healthy) comfort foods; when you get a promotion, treat yourself to a new toy. If you’re not into material things, reward yourself with an extra hour of sleep. A reasonable, self-praising celebration never hurt anybody.