Introverts & Extroverts

Something for Everyone: The Introvert, the Extrovert & Beyond

While the prevailing culture of Denver office furniture continues its shift towards open layouts and spaces that ostensibly foster collaboration and conversation, there is a group that increasingly seems forgotten: the introverts. Instead of embracing their serious, often quite and reflective demeanor, many workplaces expect these individuals to operate the same way as their extroverted coworkers—the assertive, outgoing type.

Societal Shift: A Step in the Right Direction

In Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, former corporate lawyer and self-labeled introvert Susan Cain argues that we live in a business culture that is biased towards introverts. Following its publication, the book and Cain’s ideas have been discussed in major news and business sources and even landed a Time cover story in 2012.

Cain argues that introverts’ nervous systems are much more sensitive to outward stimulation than extroverts’ are. With no privacy to rely on in open, modern workplaces, introverts are unable to shield themselves, and ultimately feel exposed. Cain argues that constantly being on display can make introverts feel distracted and uncomfortable.

Cain also points out that, historically, associated personality traits of introverts have been grossly misunderstood. Up until recent years, this type of behavior was labeled as unfriendly or even antisocial. Cain references how some introverted individuals feel a sense of shame when they consider their personality.

As Cain says, it will take a restructuring of perception and acceptance for both introverts and extroverts to get along.

What perfect place for this to happen than in the workplace?

The Modern Office

As we enter an era where introverts may or may not be under siege in the office, Cain’s ideas remain relevant. Offices today are knocking down walls and reconstructing cubicles; in some cases, they are even asking workers to bid farewell to personal workstations. The goal is to foster communication and collaboration in attempts to create a more open workplace.

It has been estimated that approximately 50% of Americans label themselves as introverted. Although many offices continue to embrace modern trends of openness, companies are also addressing the problem and starting to give introverts some love. With their new line of “quiet spaces,” designed by manufacturers like Steelcase Incorporated—who collaborated directly with Cain—are aiming to offer introverts the relaxation and space that they desire.

Solutions for Everyone

At Desks Incorporated, we cater to both the introverted and extroverted worker. We understand that each individual works differently. We have the appropriate furniture to suit the needs of any workers. As a leading provider of both used and new Denver office furniture, you can be sure that we have options.

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