Office Trends

Office Trend Predictions from Experts on Office Furniture

While it’s no surprise that offices have evolved over the years, what’s especially impressive is that the level of awareness regarding worker’s productivity, health, and well being in the office has increased in the last decade. By integrating the latest technological advances and scientific findings, modern offices are embracing the needs of modern-day employees by implementing comfortable, open and communicative workspaces.

Here are some of the biggest office trends that we predict for 2014.

1. Open spaces

Perhaps you’ve read that cubicles are a thing of the past. While this statement may be a bit hyperbolic, we are here to say one thing with certainty: businesses are indeed embracing open spaces as alternatives to stuffy cubicles. Now, it is all about “hot desking,” which gives employees freedom and space to move around and work where they want.

Look for lounge seating areas in 2014. Not only are these attractive areas to do work, they encourage collaboration, which is becoming a focus for many businesses. Offices are also embracing lower walls and open desk areas to create a team environment. Instead of emphasizing ownership, unassigned tables are set up to foster spontaneous meetings and collaborations.

2. Mobility

Much like evolving office culture, works spaces are beginning to emphasize mobility. While chairs with wheels have been around since the Mad Men era, stools and standing height tables have grown popular in the past few years. The idea behind mobility is similar to ideas mentioned above: flexible seating fosters collaboration.

We’ve all heard the health effects of prolonged seating. Modern offices are focusing on ergonomic chairs that feature customizable settings. In addition to the aforementioned stand up desks, these chairs hope to encourage good posture—and in the long run, happier and healthier employees.

3. Bringing the outdoors inside

Building on the sentiment of employee happiness is the idea that people work better when they don’t feel trapped indoors. Modern offices are emphasizing expansive windows and sunlight, in addition to greenery and plants, to encourage happiness. House plants are said to bring about a positive aura—why not bring the good vibes to the office?Some companies are taking the next step and allowing and rooftop access to employees. Imagine collaborating on a warm summer day overlooking the city skyline.

4. More kitchen and communal eating rooms

Snacks can be a hot commodity in the office—plus, eating can encourage communication, and even collaboration. The modern office is attempting to provide communal spaces that are equipped with stocked fridges and pantries in attempts of establishing a common gathering space. It seems to be working, as many companies list their stocked kitchen as a huge perk of the job.

5. Bright, warm colors

We often associate boring cubicles with boring, unexciting hues of gray and white. Unfortunately, these colors often make us feel as if we’re in the waiting room to get our teeth cleaned. Companies have taken note, and are finally introducing color and fun patterns into the office. We’ve all seen the studies linking colors such as red and orange with productivity. Now, offices are hoping for the best with encouraging and stimulating wall tones.

Have you noticed any of these trends at your office? What are some things happening in your workplace? No matter the situation, Desks Incorporated has the best new or used office furniture in Denver. What’s even more? Not only do we offer furniture, we also provide space planning and technical specifications for your office. Simply put, we are here for all your office needs.