Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips from the Premier Office Furniture Store in Denver

Can an office’s environment affect the overall productivity of its workers? At Desks Incorporated, we think the answer is a resounding yes. A well thought out workspace can give employees peace of mind, and in turn, increase their productivity.

Here are some design tips that can help in designing a smart workplace.


  • Think about ergonomics. Choose chairs that will minimize back pain, and screens and desks that reduce strains in the neck and arms. If a worker is uncomfortable or in pain, they are more likely to focus on that rather than on their tasks.
  • Have good filing and organizing furniture available. This will help to reduce clutter. If you are an employee, take some time to organize your own desk whether at the office or at home. Create a system that is easy to follow and is uniform for all your files—and don’t forget to organize your files on your computer!


  • Noise levels negatively affect the employees. Think of ways to creatively use cubicles, or of ways to position workstations so employees have a stronger sense of privacy and control.
  • Is there space for employees to get up and stretch their legs? Is there a place to relax and unwind a bit throughout the day? No one wants to feel like a prisoner at his or her own desk. Having a lounge area or a place to relax outside of the workstation can really become an energizing space for a tired work crew.

Lighting and Color

  • Use natural light. Position desks so that most, if not all, employees can have access to natural light. If that is not possible, consider using indirect lighting rather than direct or overhead lighting, which causes stress and headaches.
  • Color affects mood. Studies have shown that color universally affects people. According to Angela Wright’s study “The Color Affects System,” green is calming, yellow is creative, and blue stimulates the brain, whereas red stimulates the body. Even more important is the intensity of the color. Brighter, more saturated colors stimulate while muted colors soothe.

At Desks Incorporated, we take pride in being one of the most respected office furniture stores in Denver and all of Colorado. Whether your office is at home or in the middle of downtown, let us help you to create a smart and productive work environment.