Ethospace Cubicles

How Your Office Can Benefit with Ethospace Cubicles

The original frame-and-tile-system, Ethospace by Herman Miller, is one of the premier office cubicle systems available in the market today. Dozens of tile options let you define—and redefine—how your workplace looks and performs, while steel frames that are virtually indestructible provide incomparable capacity for power and data, and lend themselves nicely to be reused over and over again as your business continues to change. The tiles are also ideal for reuse, as they can be reupholstered to create a “new” feel.

Let’s take a further look into the many benefits of the versatile Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles.

Choice & Flexibility

One of the most appealing aspects of Herman Miller Ethospace is its flexibility. With an array of tiles, components, materials, and finishes, Ethospace gives you nearly unlimited design choices. From traditional or contemporary, to understated or out-there, almost any vision you have for your office space can be achieved. Ethospace’s frame and tile system also allows you to disassemble, reassemble and reconfigure the cubicle as needed.

Even as your business experiences change, the office furniture is able to adjust accordingly, and with ease.Ethospace’s versatile planning options can be configured as open environments, private offices, meeting rooms, collaboration zones, and can even be outfitted with high walls for privacy or low walls for teaming. Whatever your look, however you work, whoever you need to support, Ethospace gets it done.

Change & Design Capabilities

Refresh, reconfigure, reimagine. With nearly limitless design capabilities, Ethospace cubiclesstay current no matter how much things change. Whether you decide to support mobile workers, open things up, change your density, encourage collaboration, or even simply freshen up the look, Ethospace provides you with the tools to achieve your vision, including (but not limited to):

  • Tiles that can be finished with any number of fabrics, laminates, or wood veneers
  • Incorporation of glass tiles and up mount glass to create a sleek look, or to allow for more natural light in the workplace
  • Tiles that can easily be refinished to create a new look in the office, or to replace old tiles to keep with a universal look across the office
  • Functional and diverse storage needs with overhead storage (flipper units, shelving, rail tile accessories) and under-surface storage

Return on Investment & Durability

Herman Miller Ethospace’s durability and flexibility to be refurbished should make it a one-time purchase, as it is designed to meet the needs of the most diverse office environments. Ethospace becomes a better value with each passing year because updating your look or supporting new ways of working never means starting all over. Every tile and component added over the decades works perfectly well with the earliest Ethospace frames that hit the market in the early 80s—and that will remain true going forward.

Eco-Friendly Work Environment, Tailored for Technology

Respect for the environment is integral to the ethos of Ethospace cubicles. Evaluated in its entirety, the product line is made up from 53% recycled content and is 78% recyclable at the end of its life. What’s more, the steel frames at the core of Ethospace are 100% recyclable. Ethospace also:

  • Emits no VOCs
  • Uses only water-based stains
  • Insists on wood harvested using sustainable forestry practices
  • GREENGUARD® and level™1 certification provide further assurance that Ethospace is evergreen

Power and data capacity is also unrivaled. The Ethospace frame accepts dozens of wires and cables at the base and dozens more at every eight inches of frame height. Wires and cables hang on—rather than travel through—frames, so installation is easy. Simply set up the frames, lay in the cables, put on the tiles, and you’re done!

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