Perks of Implementing Used Modular Workstations

Using a modular workstation is one of the easiest ways to create divided space in an open area. Especially in a collaborative work setting, modular walls allow for an open floor plan concept, paired with the cutback of noise and distractions—ultimately encouraging a more productive work environment. Modular workstations also offer a practical, and cost-efficient alternative to permanently constructed walls for office use, specifically when opting for used workstations over brand new ones. Along with being an option that can provide a tremendous source of savings, choosing used furniture is also an environmentally-friendly approach to furnishing or refurbishing your office.

Why Modular Workstations?

Following the rising trend of modern office layout/floor plans—one that tends to follow the ‘less-is-more’ side of design because of the desirability of open spaces—modular workstations allow for fewer permanent walls, which in turn, creates more open spaces. Modular workstations can also be rearranged to conform to changing spatial needs and office configurations—something that is not possible with permanent wall systems—allowing you to create a new conference room or private office at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

Other benefits include:

  • Quick installation – Since all components are pre-manufactured, installation is much faster and less intrusive than constructing new, permanent walls – meaning office activities are disrupted for a shorter amount of time.
  • Add space to existing buildings – New floor to ceiling modular walls and doors can accommodate ceilings up to 9 feet high.
  • Make it your own– Choose from a variety of finish offerings, including fabric, acoustic and laminate panels, to achieve your desired vision.
  • Ideal for rental space – No invasive or damaging construction required.
  • Eco-Friendly – Over their entire life cycle, modular casework and modular walls contribute less to climate change, primary energy consumption, and waste generation when compared to the impact of fixed casework and architectural walls.
  • Employee Morale– Fewer permanent walls create more open, inviting, space-efficient workstations where people feel comfortable and more connected. This helps to maintain good attitude and positive morale among employees.

Desks Incorporated has a vast inventory of pre-owned modular workstations, featuring many styles, manufacturers, and quantities. We evaluate and buy inventories of high-end used workstations and office furniture daily, and provide pre-owned cubicles & workstations that are uniquely customized to your specific aesthetic, functional, and budgetary goals. Call us today at 303-777-7778 for more information on how we can help you tailor your office furnishings to suit your unique taste, and specific requirements.

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