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Business Furniture Solutions to Keep You Motivated During the Dog Days of Summer

Forget spring-cleaning. In the midst of the hot summer months, sometimes a little reorganization and a change of office scenery can go a long way—especially when the longing to hit the pool instead of working really starts to kick in. A well thought out workspace can give you peace of mind, and in turn, increase your productivity—meaning that summer rooftop happy hour might actually be a possibility after all!

Whether you are looking to up-the-ante in your personal workspace, or a company owner in search of refreshing business tips for you and your employees, Desks Incorporated can help. Read on for tips & tricks on how to design a smart and motivational workspace for summer and beyond:

Buy Used

Finding stylish, elegant, and contemporary used business furniture solutions can be a much more lucrative investment than going for the lofty and expensive pieces. This is an easy way to create a refreshing office environment that may look expensive, but won’t break your budget.

Think Comfort

Opt for chairs that minimize back pain, and screens and desks that reduce strains in the neck and arms. Not only will these little tweaks make a huge difference in how you feel physically, but you will also be more likely to focus on the tasks at hand without the unnecessary discomfort & pain from before.


This might be one of the most effective tasks that you can do. No one likes clutter, but in the hotter months especially, messes can begin to feel that much more overwhelming. Consider investing in a new filing system, and clear your desk of anything but the necessary essentials. Bonus? Desk Inc.’s wide selection of handles for the file drawers allow you to accent the look of any filing cabinet with your personal touch.

Use Natural Light

Position desks so that you can have access to natural light. If that is not possible, consider using or asking about indirect lighting rather than direct or overhead lighting, which causes stress and headaches.

Colors Matter

In the need of a more calming workspace? Go for green. Want to feel more inspired and creative? Yellow should do the trick. How about a little more stimulation? Blue helps the brain, while red will benefit the body. Studies have shown that color universally affects people and their moods, so take some time and find out what color accent might be best for you!

At Desks Incorporated, we take pride in being one of the most respected business furniture solutions stores in Denver, and all of Colorado. No matter the location, size, or unique needs of your office, we have a solution for everyone. Let us help you to realize your vision today!

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