Why Buy Used?

Why Buy Used? Money and the Environment

There’s nothing quite like the allure of new. But when it comes to outfitting your office workspace with the furniture you need to get the job done, “new” can be quite costly. And if you’re even the least bit environmentally conscious, it’s pretty easy to understand the environmental impact of businesses around the world dumping once-new office furniture into already crowded landfills. That’s why at Desks Incorporated, we not only specialize in providing new office furniture solutions for you and your business, but also used office furniture in the Denver area.

So what exactly is recycled office furniture?

It’s any post-consumer office furniture that has been diverted from the waste stream back into the market with our without repairs.

Studies conducted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency show that businesses around the country discard about three million tons of furniture and furnishings annually. Not only is this practice environmentally unsound, it’s also expensive! With an average fee of around $32 per ton for disposal, the accumulated costs of getting rid of that much furniture is near $100 million.

Another study from the Office Furniture Recyclers Forum found that if 40 workstations are refurbished instead of discarded, that saves a full tractor-trailer full of waste from winding up at the landfill. Every workstation that is renewed, refurbished and reused keeps an average of 850 pounds of waste from being dumped.

Furthermore, because fewer raw materials are consumed constructing new furniture, recycling used furniture conserves energy and natural resources. Recycling used office furniture further extends the life of resources already in the consumption cycle and redirects usable materials from the waste stream.

In addition to sustainability, used furniture is easy on a tight budget

Purchasing refinished or refurbished used furniture can save up to 90% off of retail prices. It’s understandable to picture scratched up wood finishes, dented corners, and torn upholstery when you think of used furniture, but Desks Incorporated provides properly cared for, and well maintained used furniture for the Denver area.

Whether you’re a business owner, an office manager, or just another employee tasked with outfitting your office, purchasing pre-owned furniture may be the best option for you. Desks Incorporated can ensure that you’re not only doing your part to save money for your business, but you’re helping to save the environment as well.

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