What Millenials Want: The Gen Y Workplace

As the up-and coming generation solidifies its place in the workforce, offices and workspaces around the world are shifting dramatically to cater to the high-energy, technologically focused attitudes of the millenials. Despite the proliferation of overtly critical Generation X-authored Internet think-pieces criticizing the young generation as unfocused and unmotivated, millenials will soon make up the largest portion of working adults.

As such, it’s time for your forward thinking company to take steps to better understand the rising generation and adapt to their needs. As a workplace-centric Denver furniture store, we’re here to help you plan for the future of your workforce.

Interconnected & Independent

The biggest thing to remember about millenials, is that they wholeheartedly believe they can make a difference. Newly graduated employees are on the lookout for a workplace where they aren’t just another number, or a face in the crowd. They want to make a name for themselves, and incite change in any company they are in.

At the same time, they are fiercely independent and respond much better to opportunities to self-manage and maintain flexible work schedules, as opposed to direct, heavy-handed management techniques. When it comes to working with colleagues, millenials overwhelmingly prefer collaborative environments where they can band together as a team with their coworkers, rather than one where they feel like they have to compete.

Now, more than ever, the phrase “work-life balance” has been replaced by “work-life integration”. The technology-focused millenial generation is already used to being in contact at all times through various devices.

So how do workplaces adapt?

By now you have probably already heard of an open-style workplace. The free-form, high-energy office space is seemingly replacing the cube farms of old—and for good reason. Open office plans are typically more efficient square footage-wise, they provide improved environmental safety ratings, and they foster a productive work environment and allow for open communication.

While some of the open-style office may be distracting for those who need to complete high-concentration tasks, a well-balanced office with open spaces and more private areas creates the type of positive and vibrant workplace that millenials are looking for.

Furthermore, the open-office is a boon to collaborative working. With the right furniture in place, you can provide multiple types of collaborative settings where your employees can meet; lounges, meeting rooms, project rooms, and huddles are all conducive to this style of cooperative thinking that millenials are looking for.

As the baby-boomers begin to retire, generation X-ers are moving into management, and millenials into the workforce. You and your company can stay ahead of the curve by understanding the new young talent and adapting to those insights.

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