Comfort in the office

The Importance of Comfort at Work

As a business owner or project leader, optimizing your team’s potential in a busy workplace is a key to the success of your company. But aside from establishing proper processes and protocols designed to boost productivity, a work environment designed with comfort in mind is a surefire boon to high quality, efficient working habits. By taking a look at the current state of your office’s environment, you can take steps to create a comfortable and happy workspace.

The simple answer is in ergonomics. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help make your workspace more comfortable.

Take a Seat

The office chair is ground zero for comfort. The average employee spends nearly 8 hours a day seated, so it follows that a well-considered chair is of the utmost importance. Here few things to consider when selecting office chairs:

  • Comfortable cushioning,
  • Adjustable arm rests to help shoulders stay relaxed and adjustable
  • Back rests to allow for seating at various angles
  • Lumbar support for the lower back to help improve posture and prevent the onset of long-term injuries

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Set Yourself Up for Success

Your desk set-up is another important component of an ergonomic workspace. Your keyboard and your mouse should be centered on the desk, as close together as possible to avoid strained reaching. Monitors should be raised to eye level to help you keep your neck straight.

What Else Can You Do?

Aside from the arrangement of the physical workspace, there are many other things you and your employees can do to make sure you stay comfortable at work. Frequent short breaks are a must, and if you can, allow you the opportunity to get some sunlight. Furthermore, 1 in 3 office workers eat lunch at their work desk. Whether you decide to take your lunch outside or in a communal break space, getting away from your desk is great for the mind and body and an excellent way to help you break up your day.

When thinking about the productivity and comfort of your office, it’s important to remember that no one single factor can solve every problem. Rather, a greater holistic system of little changes can accumulate over time to affect the overall wellbeing and happiness of your team. Keep comfort in mind so that the mind can focus on the tasks at hand.

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