10 Tips to Improve Health & Productivity at the Office

The dependability and routine of the office provides structure that many appreciate in a job. But spending so long sitting at a desk can negatively impact your health. To counter this reality, here are some tips to improve your health and productivity while at the office.

  1. Avoid the snacks. Office environments are full of candy bowls, birthday cakes and other indulgences. Pass on these treats by keeping healthy snacks at your own desk, steering clear of known danger desks, and encouraging fellow employees to choose healthier options to share.
  2. Practice portion control. Eating healthy includes considering how much you are consuming. Whatever you enjoy, be careful not to overindulge and you will feel better about what you do eat.
  3. Drink water. Eight to 10 glasses per day is the recommended amount of water to stay hydrated. Insufficient water can cause lethargy, so set alarms to remind you and bring a bottle of water to track how much you are drinking.
  4. Exercise. Taking a walk during your lunch break not only helps you burn calories, it also lets you unwind and brings you back feeling refreshed. Enlist a partner for these breaks to make them more enjoyable and create accountability.
  5. Protect your eyes. Squinting at a computer screen can cause headaches, make it difficult to focus and increase light sensitivity. Set your screen an arms length away from your eyes to prevent strain.
  6. Neck posture. Tension neck syndrome can occur if neck and shoulders are held in a fixed, awkward position for long periods of time. Use a headset, shoulder cradle or speakerphone to avoid straining your neck when on the phone.
  7. Take vacations. It’s not only relieving to get away from the office occasionally— it’s healthy! By taking vacations, you can reduce stress, allowing you to come back refreshed and feeling more balanced in your work and personal life.
  8. Keep long days to a minimum. In the pursuit of finishing a project or keeping up with the busy season, people fall into a pattern of working long hours too many days in a row. This can lead to burnout, which impairs a person’s immune system and interferes with the ability to sleep and concentrate.
  9. Disinfect your desk. How often does your phone, keyboard or mouse get cleaned? Harboring thousands of germs apiece, these tools can become breeding grounds for viruses, so use a disinfectant cleaner or spray regularly.
  10. Be aware. The best way to stay healthy in the office is to know your own limits. Don’t push and take good care of yourself, body and mind, and you will soon see the difference in a happier, healthier and more productive you.

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