Happy People

The Importance of Happiness in the Office

While being successful does not guarantee happiness, those who are happy will find themselves in possession of a key ingredient to true prosperity, rather than those who struggle to make success the answer in itself.

Of course, happiness does not show up on current numbers sheets, and doesn’t have a simple recipe to follow.  Once you begin to recognize and foster opportunities for happiness in the workplace, you will begin to see a difference in individuals and across every aspect of the business.

Competitive Advantage

Happy employees are a benefit to more than just themselves.  Fostering a positive work environment can bring a competitive edge to your company, making you stand out as a supportive and enjoyable place to work. So when it comes to recruiting and maintaining employees, your company has more to offer than a title on a resume.

Joy of Striving

Successful employees will find joy in striving to reach their full potential.  Building an environment that encourages and facilitates the pursuit of achievable goals promotes this enjoyable competition, which can in turn allow the business to grow and flourish.

Be the Support You Wish to See

Oftentimes people waste energy wishing they had more support from those around and above them.  Instead of focusing on what support you aren’t receiving, consider how you can personally provide support to others.  Offer social support to peers or subordinates to create a positive impact on the cycle of support in your workplace.


Some people feel they have no choice but to simply survive at their employment, but when positive emotions are engaged, the lucky ones can begin to thrive.  Fueled with energy, these people feel alive at work and are able to put all that they have behind each task, gaining momentum and making progress rather than simply staying afloat.

There are many ways to pursue happiness in the workplace, on an individual and office-wide level.  Sleeping enough, eating well, taking breaks and exercising regularly are some ways to start.  Beyond the physical, find ways to engage in your day-to-day work and find meaning in the tasks you do.

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