Going Green: 5 Benefits of Office Plants

For some, the term “Go Green” is rife with images of recycling bins and reusable grocery bags.  And while those are indeed important, there is a more direct translation that can have several little known benefits.

Making your office home for a leafy friend or two offers more than just an aesthetic improvement to your workspace.  Here are more reasons to go green at your own desk:

  1. Increased productivity.  Taking care of a potted plant can help you relax for a few minutes in the midst of a crazy workday.  One study from Journal of Environmental Horticulture showed that the presence of live interior plants helped workers complete tasks with more focus and efficiency.  In fact, productivity increased by 12 percent for people with plants in the room, and participants felt 10 percent more attentive after a task than those without plants.
  2. Reduced stress.  In an environmental psychology study conducted by a student of Surrey University, participants were asked to take a difficult test in a room filled with plants, while a different group took the same test without the foliage. Measuring skin conductivity, heart rate and blood pressure, the results showed that the participants in the presence of plants felt less stress and recovered from the strain more quickly than those without the plants.
  3. Improved air quality.  Office spaces often suffer from limited airflow and can exhibit a persistent staleness.  Many people working in a single building can also contribute to the spread of illness.  Bringing indoor plants into the space can improve the air quality by filtering the toxins out and producing fresh oxygen.  Research has also indicated that plants can play a psychological role in welfare, enabling people to recover more quickly from illnesses.
  4. Greater comfort.  Many offices find it difficult to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, particularly during the more extreme summer and winter months.  Low interior humidity can increase fatigue, cause respiratory discomfort and lead to a decrease in workplace wellness.  Studying the effect of adding plants to a room, a Washington State University report indicated that plants increased the humidity in rooms, bringing them into the ideal comfort range.
  5. Mindfulness of the Environment.  Psychologically, hosting a plant can help you keep your own corner of the world focused on being eco-friendly.  Let your green guest encourage you to limit your use of disposable items and conserve energy.  And in turn, you can enjoy a piece of the environment you love, present even in the confines of an office or cubicle.

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