Why Can’t We Be Friends? How to Boost Office Communication

Each departmental team in a company is striving for the same goal: the success of the business. So, particularly with complementary departments such as sales and marketing, every division should work together seamlessly in pursuit of coalescence. However, different departments may struggle with communication and in working effectively together.

When looking to boost productivity through improved interdepartmental relations, consider some of the following tips.

Seating Arrangement

While it may seem easiest to place all members of the same team together, integrating interdependent teams can allow for greater efficiency. Designating a section of the office for sales and marketing and placing members of each next to each other increases productivity. They can ask questions more easily, offer feedback, and gain a greater appreciation for each other’s work.

Let’s Meet

When coworkers meet only to discuss particular projects or when there is a problem, it doesn’t promote the necessary atmosphere of teamwork. Schedule regular meetings to keep communication flowing and encourage frequent updating and reviewing. Take this time to brainstorm, interacting and working together as partners rather than competitors.

Technological Tools

Various programs are now available to encourage colleagues to share ideas and ask questions of each other. Connect via technology when it’s not possible in person, using online chat and collaborative programs to keep everyone on the same page no matter where they are in the office or on the road.

Constructive Feedback

With teams engaged in work that is highly dependent on the actions of another group, thorough feedback is important. So encourage your sales team to provide constructive feedback on the success of leads generated by your marketing team. Ensure that your marketing team is in turn offering suggestions on the handling of those leads. Keeping both departments accountable for their own actions enables the groups to work in tandem with less opportunity for miscommunication.

Information Share

Set up shareware programs that hold all relevant data in a common space that is available to all departments who may need to access it. While certain parties may only need to be able to view the information, others can have full editing power to preserve the clarity of the information. This system is a great way to be sure that everyone has the same outlook and is provided with clear cut facts, from where a conversation can begin.

These tips will not only increase practical efficiency, but also help to foster the development of personal relationships across teams, rather than supporting a mentality of competitive opposition. Providing tactics for your teams to better communicate will better individuals, teams, and the company as a whole.

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