Staying Active, Healthy, and Happy This Winter

With the recent record-shattering cold weather, winter has begun to appear on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Offices everywhere seem even cozier, shielded from the weather by warm heaters and bright lights—and a promise of holidays soon to come.

As we begin another snowy season in Denver, consider these tips for staying happy and healthy despite the urge to hibernate against the cold.


Even in the coldest season, Denver is often lucky enough to glimpse the sun. On those days, chilly as they may be, seize the opportunity to take a walk outdoors or do stretches near a large window. Time in the sun can boost energy, improve your mood, and get you some much-needed vitamin D.

Whole Food Power

In the face of holiday temptations and quick fix snacks, try to get your nourishment from natural sources. Avoid candy bowls and stock up on fruits and veggies, yogurt, and low-fat cheese to fuel you during the darker days.


Winter brings with it a slew of new opportunities, particularly in a place as adventure-filled as Colorado. Go sledding, skiing, snowshoeing or ice-skating for some fresh air and unique fun. Find a recreation center with classes and activities that appeal to you, and see what Denver has to offer in the cold months.


During the dreary days that threaten to dampen your spirits, take time to remember the positive things in your life. Turn your focus away from the negative and practice gratitude, thanking those around you for the things they do, as well.

Take Action

Keep moving to refresh your spirits and your body. Join a lunchtime walking club or find a running partner for before or after work. Take regular breaks to walk around the office or even around the block. Choose to stand rather than sit when possible, and use weekends as a chance to keep in motion.


With the chaos of the holidays and constraints of the cold, it can be difficult to find opportunities to see friends and family. Make a point of finding partners with whom to adventure and create occasions for social interactions, such as dinner parties and game nights. Take a class together or go on weekly hikes to reconnect with people you care about.

Don’t lose track of your summer habits with the distractions and inconvenience of harsher weather. Spend a few lazy days cuddling under blankets with hot beverages and a good book or movie, but balance them out with activity and healthy eating. With a good blend of all, your winter can be spent happy and healthy and leave you with far less to make up for come the spring.

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