What to Look for When Choosing an Office Chair

Do you know that when it comes to picking out the right chair for your office and daily needs, there’s a lot more to consider than the color and style? Office chairs are carefully crafted to accommodate various kinds of work habits and postures, ensuring optimal ergonomics while you work.

When searching for the perfect chair to seat you and your employees, carefully consider several important characteristics of the office chair:

The Back

Picking a backrest that matches the natural contour of your spine will provide both comfort and support while you sit. Adjusting the height can further customize your comfort and enable various employees to fit the chair to their individual needs. The quality of the backrest can be a foundation for the rest of the chair, and is a huge contributor to good or bad posture.

Cushioned Cushions

Cushion material should be firm and not too soft. Look for seat and back foam that is dense enough to support weight evenly, sculpting—not squishing—to support and fit the body. Consider finding “waterfall” seat cushions, which slope down at the front of the chair to improve circulation in the lower legs.

Ideal Armrests

Keeping your arms in a comfortable position can reduce shoulder and neck pain, and lessen strain on your back. Choose armrests that adjust and are comfortable, supporting your arms as you navigate your workload.

Seated Selection

With pneumatic height adjustment you can change your seating position throughout the day at the touch of a button. When these controls are easily accessible, you can maintain maximum support by varying your position according to the particular type of work you are doing.

Cruising Casters

One of the most overlooked aspects of the office chair, casters are wheels designed to attach to a larger object, providing mobility, variations of which are also found on shopping carts and heavy duty machinery. Certain types of office chair casters are designed for carpets, hard surfaces, or work well with both. So look at your current floors for which combination would be most appropriate for your office.

Footrest Finale

An added bonus when it comes to office seating, a footrest can keep the balance when your chair and desk are not at compatible heights, or to accommodate shorter employees. Use a footrest to make up any differences and keep your feet flat while still remaining at a comfortable level with your computer desk.

Buying for dozens or hundreds of people is no easy task. Many essential features of office chairs in Denver translate to all users: support, firmness of cushion, and appropriate casters. For the other aspects, look for a chair that has a variety of adjustments and can accommodate most any type of person or activity. A comfortable chair is a simple but valuable contribution to your office environment.