New Years Revolution: How to Modernize Your Office in 2015

The modern office has taken on a look wholly different look and feel from that of decades past, utilizing alternative options for fostering productivity in the workplace.

If you and your office are ready to be part of the office revolution, consider some of these unconventional expansions.

Breaks Without Limit

Research continues to reveal negative side effects associated with long periods of time spent behind a screen or on a single project. Taking time away can actually refresh employees to better focus. Introduce breaks without strict time limits, and allow employees to choose breaks at times and for lengths that best work with their individual flow.

Bring Out the Games

It may seem strange to find pool and ping pong tables in the office, but they are making appearances at startups and thriving tech workplaces everywhere. Such active and engaging activities provide a welcome contrast to the static and stressful tasks many are involved with, and allow for opportunities to bond as teammates, strategizing meetings while mapping out pool shots.

Working From Home

Giving employees the flexibility to work at home at their discretion demonstrates a trust in workers’ ability to be productive and fulfill their duties no matter where they are. While working in an office fosters formality, working from home may better support certain styles of work and prevent distractions. Employees will work even harder to prove themselves and keep the privilege.

Accommodating Dress Code

Although certain occupations may need to dress to impress, many positions in your office could benefit for a dress code that is more relaxed and even casual at times, allowing employees to work more comfortably.

Mandatory Lunchtime

Requiring employees to stop working to eat lunch demonstrates again the importance of taking time to refresh. Just as with freeing up break restrictions, this places time away from the desk as a top priority, no matter the workload.

Flexibility in “9 to 5”

While the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday has long been the industry standard, opening up the day to allow for early and late starts and stops helps workers match their efforts to the particular needs of that day. It can also enable them to achieve a good professional and personal balance, which will improve the quality of their time at the office.

New Rules

Many companies are now embracing an inverted pyramid style of leadership and standards in business, giving employees more and more control over what happens rather than seeing every decision trickle down from the CEO. Innovation comes from every corner of the business; showing people that their ideas are valued will encourage their creative contributions throughout the company.

Across the board, giving employees more control over their working habits and discretion in decision making will prove a trust in their ability to get their job done. And this flexibility encourages your team to find their own ways to be flexible to benefit the company. Innovative workplace contributions can range from saving money on second hand furniture, to networking for best hiring practices. How will your company revolutionize your office?