The Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Office

Resolutions for the New Year need not apply only to your private life. Resolutions for your business can vastly improve your overall life, including your work-life balance. Another upside to declaring resolutions in your office is that you’ll be held accountable by your coworkers and fellow employees to keep your pledges for 2015.

This is a list of 10 goals you can set for your workplace this year in order to improve your efficiency and improve your life outside of the office.

  1. Learn How to Delegate the Workload: Stop fretting over the amount of work that you have to do. Let others take care of it for you for a change and see if it improves the workflow in your office. Productivity in the workplace is important for a good work-life balance.
  2. Actively Promote Your Business in 2015: The only way to grow your business is to gather more clientele, and if you’re not making promotion, marketing and advertising a priority then you’re not going to capture extra customers. Consider hiring a marketing expert or at the very least, create a marketing plan and execute it. Allot yourself time each week to make your business more visible.
  3. Plan for Your Business: Business planning is often set by the wayside and relegated as a task that is done quarterly or even yearly. Try setting time aside each week, or even each day, to analyze your current business and look forward to what you would like it to become in the future. Taking baby steps is okay, just be sure that you’re always moving forward with your plans.
  4. Give Back: While trying to make your business better, don’t forget to try and make your community better because the benefits go both ways. Discuss a cause or an organization that you would like to support and donate your time or money towards it. Clientele like to see this, and those that give always get back (think back to #2).
  5. Keep Learning: In today’s work environment you need to be multitalented if you want a chance to succeed. This means that you need to continue learning and adding skills to your repertoire. Try out the Google Analytics Academy or perhaps invest some time into learning basic coding. Task everyone in your office to learn something new and the results may surprise you.
  6. Start Networking: Join a business organization or a networking group this year. Speaking to like-minded business owners can pay huge dividends for you and your employees. Opening up a conversation can really open up a lot of doors. It doesn’t matter if you do this online or in person, but try rejuvenating your business in this simple way.
  7. Take a Timeout: Sometimes we work so hard that we forget that we need to recharge and refresh ourselves. Set aside time in your calendar to step away from your work. This doesn’t mean you need a two-week vacation, but be sure you’re not overworking yourself because that often results in poor performance.
  8. Set Goals that You Can Achieve: Make realistic goals for your company in 2015. Be sure that these goals are measurable and quantifiable so you can track your progress towards them. You may need to start small, but just remember that unfeasible goals will only lead to frustration and distress.
  9. Stop Letting Faulty Equipment Impede You: Do you have a fax machine that only works half the time? Or a squeaky chair that drives everyone in the office nuts? Stop making do and getting by and start looking at new or used office furniture for sale that will allow you to excel in 2015.
  10. Get Rid of Ineffective Procedures and Products: Your time is your most valuable resource, so quit pouring your energy into procedures or products that aren’t working for you or your clientele. Nobody wants to admit defeat, but go back to the drawing board and create a better solution. You owe it to yourself to succeed.

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