6 Habits for a Happier Office

Instead of walking inside your office and rushing to your desk with a frown on your face, try waltzing in with a smile and greeting your coworkers. Small changes in your everyday habits suggest a lot about your mood, but what is more important is that they can actually begin to dictate your mood.

Don’t let minuscule habits begin to seep in and toxify your office culture. Instead, try to alter your habits with these suggestions and improve the atmosphere of your business.

1) Talk to Someone Before Checking Email

This is a habit that will be easy to break. Before rushing to your computer and opening your email, slow down a bit and converse with your coworker. Make some human contact before you isolate yourself in the digital world of email and you will probably be surprised at how your mood will improve for the entirety of the day.

2) Grab a Coworker Some Coffee

Something as simple as offering to get your coworker a cup of coffee when you go to fill up can go a long way. Kindness is contagious, and by spreading your goodwill to others it may even bounce back to you again. The small things count, and by showing a coworker that you care, they will feel more secure and more appreciated in the office. The end result is a happy office with people who feel valuable—and this will always bring better, more productive work.

3) Remember to Relax

A recent study revealed that working for 52 minutes and then breaking for 17 minutes is required for optimal performance in the office. While it is not important to follow this rule down to the tee, it is important to remember to take a break. We often feel pressured to work all day long, and sometimes we work so hard we simply forget to take breaks, but it’s important to remember that taking a mental break will increase your performance vastly. Chat with an employee, watch a funny video, or get up and walk around. Just remember to relax. 

4) Smile Before You Speak

This may feel a little awkward, but it’s important to convey your mood. Perhaps instead of burying your face in your notes and piping out a few words in a meeting, try looking around for a second and smiling at your coworkers. It will ease the atmosphere in a tense meeting and will remind your coworkers that they can be happy and work at the same time. Like the rest of these little habits, a simple smile can go a long way to reshaping and refreshing the culture in your office.

5) Eat Well to Work Well

Quit stocking your office with Mountain Dew and doughnuts. Healthy behavior starts with healthy eating, and the food you consume at work is no exception. Sugary foods will give you a small boost, but in the long run they will drain your energy and you’ll be suffering all afternoon. Try healthy alternatives like tea and fruit to quench your appetite.

6) Reward Yourself for Your Work

This simple technique often works quite well. When planning your schedule write in little rewards after your important tasks for the day. For example, after giving a presentation, schedule in time for you to eat at your favorite lunch spot or get coffee from your favorite shop. When you’re looking forward to a reward it will push you to perform better and more quickly.

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