10 Productivity Tips for Your Office in 2015

With a new year on the horizon it might be a good time to evaluate your habits in the office. Productivity is essential to any well-performing business, and if you’re a freelancer then productivity will mean even more to you. The faster that you can accomplish your tasks will mean that you have more time to do what you want, and a better work-life balance is important to your happiness and success, both inside and outside of the office.

Try these tips and you might be surprised at how much more you can get done

  1. Time Yourself: An important part in being productive is knowing how long it actually takes to complete tasks at a normal pace. Once you know how long these differing activities take, then you can plan your workday much more efficiently. Analyze where you might be spending too much time and squeeze it in between two necessary tasks. This will force you to work harder and faster.
  2. Create a One-Item To-Do List: If you have a task that you’re frightened of doing or simply don’t want to get started on, assign yourself a to-do list with one item on it. There will be no excuses not to get that thing done, and you will feel accomplished after you complete the task, which will push you to get even more done.
  3. Wake Up Earlier: This is easier said than done, but if you wake earlier you will have more time to get things done. If you stay on track and consistently get up earlier, you may even be able to change your work rhythms and get more done at times when you would not have gotten as many things accomplished. Getting that 2:30 feeling at 12:30 will help you to get over the hump early and not completely ruin your productivity in the afternoon.
  4. Drink Water Before Coffee: It’s always important to stay hydrated, but it’s even more important at work because your brain is more easily distracted when it’s dehydrated, and more coffee will not fix that problem. Studies have shown that it’s actually best to drink coffee 1-2 hours after waking up, so treat yourself to a glass of water or two instead of a morning cup of coffee. Also, remember to keep water at your desk.
  5. Miniature Breaks Can Help: Small 5-7 minute breaks are a nice way to refresh your mind and also your eyes if you’ve been staring at a screen. They’ll boost both your energy and your focus, but we sometimes work so hard that we completely forget about them. Get up and walk around, chat with another employee about something that is non-work-related, or go grab something to drink. Just take the time to get away from your work briefly.
  6. Create Deadlines That Don’t Exist: Some of us simply perform better under pressure—whether it’s real or imagined. If you really get in the zone when the clock is ticking, then try setting some self-deadlines for projects in your calendar and see if your work or your productivity improves. Track your progress and see what you can actually accomplish within a given time. It’s a good measuring stick for you as an employee.
  7. Organize Your Desk: This one is pretty simple. Quit digging around for notes, pens, and folders. The time you spend searching for things or even just shuffling things around can really begin to add up. Organization is key for productivity. Just make sure to set aside time every week to keep your desk tidy and organized, otherwise you might find yourself back in the same mess soon.
  8. Music Breaks: Some of us wear headphones while we work, and if this is you, then don’t forget to treat yourself to a small, fifteen-minute music break every so often. It’s a valuable time to recharge and rejuvenate your mind. You may be surprised at how much smoother your afternoon will be if you allow yourself to relax and listen to your favorite tunes.
  9. Get More Sleep: This one is simple, yet also hard to stick to. We’ve already told you to wake up earlier, but you should also be getting more sleep. Sleeping at appropriate times and waking up at appropriate times is often a hard task, but if you really stick it out with this tip you will be surprised at how your mood improves and also how your productivity will increase.
  10. Start Saying ‘NO’: People often believe that being productive means that they can work more, and we’re sorry to admit it, but that is a very quick way to burn yourself out. When you’re more productive you simply have more time for other things in life – like cooking dinner or exercising. Just because you have more time on your hands doesn’t mean you need to spend it working. Saying ‘NO’ to work is the easiest and most effective way to work less, but just be polite when declining extra work.

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