The Best Apps for Your Office in 2015

Technology is creeping into our offices faster and faster. While sometimes it may distract us, it also helps us perform better and more efficiently. There are applications other than Dropbox and Google Hangouts that can increase performance in your office, and we’re here to show you them.


If you like to listen to music as you work, then you’re in luck because this service streams music that is meant to keep you concentrated on what you’re doing. Developed using information from neuroscientists at UCLA, this app plays many genres of music, all the songs of which are meant to keep you mentally focused and alert. The service is free for the first 30 days and is available on iOS, Android, or any web browser.


This free app is used by companies such as Facebook, Instagram and Quora. It is a mobile office app that allows users to edit notes, schedules, and documents as a collective group. The sidebar app allows you to communicate with employees in real time and will allow you to make comments and critiques on the work that they are doing.


If you’re feeling really ambitious in 2015, then this tracker app will be your best friend. If you’ve set a large goal, like doubling your revenue, it will allow you to create a story about how you will reach your goal. The story to achieve your goal will be punctuated with little dots along the way that are small steps towards your larger goal. The app will help you focus on little objectives along the way and it will motivate you to complete them. Some goals seem so large they seem impossible, but Sociidot breaks them down into manageable chunks. This app is free for Android and $1.99-$5.99 on other platforms.


The main problem with productivity apps is that they are only apps. They can’t actually force you to complete the goals, but with Carrot, the app comes very close to doing so. It will prod you to reach your goals by sending you notifications like “Greetings, lazy human. I am your new task master,” and “You don’t want to make me upset.” As it punishes you for laziness, it will reward you for staying on track by rewarding you with points that you can redeem for prizes. This app is $2.99 for iOS.


This app will take your calendar and your to-do list at work and combine them to tell you what to do and when for the most efficient workday possible. This app will actually rearrange items in your calendar based on your priorities, so once you’re finished with a task your calendar will reset for the most efficient schedule possible. This app is free for iOS and Android.


Timeful helps you eliminate your bad habits by recognizing them and helping you to correct them. The app was developed by a behavioral economist and it uses algorithms to track your patterns of behavior. This then allows the app to offer you suggestions on how to improve your habits. The interface is simple and intuitive, which helps users, and it’s free for iOS—which is even better.


This app functions as a digital personal assistant. While it won’t improve your own performance, it does have the ability to check traffic and post ‘Happy Birthday’ on a friend’s Facebook wall. The service is free, but does also come with a premium service for $4.99 per month that can eliminate duplicate contacts and update you on traffic by-the-minute.

All of us at Desks Incorporated want to wish you a productive New Year! We’re here to help optimize your productivity in 2015. Simply put, we’re here for your office needs. From used office cubicles to new office chairs—we have it all. Give us a call at 303-777-7778 today to find out more.