5 Office Trends to Expect This Year

Change is to be expected with any new year, and 2015 will be no exception—including in the office. Despite the fact that a majority of office workers still find themselves confined to traditional workspaces, a new wave of design and communication is anticipated to begin changing the average office space into a more relaxed, accessible environment. Many companies have already realized that a comfortable, healthy environment results in better work from their employees. These are just a few of the changes you can expect to see, maybe even in your own Denver office.


  • Comfortable, efficient furniture

The modern workspace will be marked by an abundance of attractive color schemes that will typically promote calmness or stimulation, depending on the use of the room. Furniture will be designed to be comfortable and, most notably, multi-functional, so that any piece of furniture can serve more than one purpose. Furniture pieces like this can already be found in several Denver furniture stores that are paving the way in modern office furniture.


  • Open spaces

Following the lead of innovative companies like Google, many businesses are moving towards a more health-conscious, relaxed office environment. In a movement away from the rigid cubicle office structure, more progressive offices can expect to see more open, accessible workspaces. Offices will be doing away with dividing walls and enclosed personal offices to create open, shared spaces to foster better employee communication and interaction. Employees can also anticipate compact, convertible workspaces that can be changed from sitting or standing positions, in order to better promote movement and health.


  • Connection anytime, anywhere

With the seemingly unstoppable advancement of technology, many companies can expect to see their employees in the office less frequently. Tablets, smart phones, and laptops will continue to allow the common office worker to complete their work from virtually any location, including at home and on the go. Coworkers will also rely more on texting and social networking sites for communication, allowing them to be reached virtually 24/7. In addition, the modern office space will provide more charging ports for devices, stronger wireless Internet connections, and more audiovisual components.


  • A push for gender equality

2015 will see a continued demand for flexibility in scheduling and work location from companies, and many have already begun to meet these demands. Because of this, many businesses can expect to see an increase in the number of female employees in the workplace. It also forecasted that many women in 2015 will finally see a salary increase to match the salary of the average male employee in the same position.


  • Diversity

Generation Y is known to be the most racially diverse generation yet, and consequentially, the most accepting, and the storm of Millennials entering the workplace is bringing that mentality with it. Millennials are demanding environments inclusive of all races, genders, and sexual orientations, and the lack thereof in a company will likely make them think twice about accepting employment with the firm. Additionally, companies on board with diversity are also looking for diversity of thought—essentially, they want employees to be able to think “outside the box”.

As one of the premier Denver furniture stores, we understand the importance of change. Adapting to modern trends not only keeps office culture relevant and lively, it often updates antiquated procedures. To learn more about our services—and to stay current on office trends in 2015—be sure to check out our website or give us a call at 303-777-7778.