More Than Office Furniture: Our Services

If you were to say that Desks Incorporated is merely a furniture store, you would be sorely mistaken. Our company offers a variety of furniture-related services headed by our top experts who are there to guide you through the steps of redesigning and refurbishing any office space, whether is be installing a new desk to refurbishing an old one, or starting from scratch at a new location.

For 50 years, Desks Incorporated has been one of the best furniture supply and maintenance companies in the country, largely due to our commitment to establishing and maintaining a relationship with you, our customer. We will be there for you during your purchasing and installation process every step of the way, and we’ll still be there for you for years to come. Our extensive services include:

We’ll buy your used office furniture.

Have you recently upgraded your office furniture? Unsure of what to do with your used workstations and furniture pieces? Desks Inc. is happy to purchase your lightly used office furniture, as we are both a new and used furniture supplier. We take great pride in our used furniture selections, and so we always meticulously inspect and appraise any used furniture before accepting it into our inventory to be sold back to our customers. Furthermore, because we offer used furniture, we can provide good quality furniture for offices on a budget.


It could be argued that a good furniture piece is only as good as its placement. Desks Inc.’s professional installation team will make the installation process as quick and pain-free as possible. Our team is especially skilled at installing cubicles, but has professional experience installing all major furniture systems.

Space Planning and Technical Specifications

Desks Incorporated knows that every office space is different and has different needs to be fulfilled, and that’s why our design team will work closely with all involved members of your redesigning endeavors. Whatever your office needs, from open spaces with low walls to installing the appropriate amount of receptacles per cubicle, we’ll do everything in our power to make your vision happen.

Managing the Move and Assembly

We know that moving and assembling furniture can be tedious and stressful, and that’s why Desks Inc. will help you organize the most seamless installation and assembly process possible. Our team of warehouse professionals will scrupulously check and double check each step of the assembly process, no matter the furniture piece, so you can rest east knowing your furniture has been impeccably assembled and installed.

Panel and Upholstery Cleaning

Refurbishing and redecorating an office space is no small feat, especially when you take finances into account. Desks Incorporated cleaning team can save you thousands of dollars on maintaining your office furniture, because we know that sometimes all a piece needs to look its best is a good clean, instead of a reupholstering.

Project Management

We’ve already discussed the installation, space planning, and moving processes, but who will be there to make sure everything goes according to your specific needs and plans? Our Project Management team, including a personal Project Manager, will help guide you through all of these steps, keeping you up to speed with every process and shouldering the brunt of the organization required to see your plan through to completion.

Product Reconfigurations

Desks Inc. understands that office design needs can vary and shift at anytime—sometimes you just need a quick solution to a small problem, sometimes you need to start from the ground up with a brand new office space, and sometimes you need a bit of both. No matter the need, our collective staff is as flexible as they come and will see to it that all you short and long-term goals are met.