Built to Last: Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles

For many, the traditional cubicle space brings images and associations to mind: bland shades of grey, and feelings of restriction, rigidity, and isolation. Unfortunately, many of these descriptors are apt, but Herman Miller has made it their goal to change the perception of the classic cubicle and its surrounding office space with the Ethospace cubicle.

Ethospace cubicles are devoted to flexibility. Built with the modern office in mind, Herman Miller understands that most businesses undergo constant changes and modifications over the years, and that quality office set-ups should be able to evolve along with the company. The varying designs offer 90°, 120°, and 135° degree planning options, so no matter the office space and size, there is a suitable model available for every purpose: from a private office to an open meeting area.

Not only are they designed for every space, but each Ethospace cubicle is also designed to be adjustable in and of itself. At its core, Ethospace is a steel frame covered in removable tiles, each one interchangeable to allow the user to keep up with the ever-shifting necessities of office life, or just to give the space a fresh look. And, since the tiles don’t require any tools to remove or adjust, anyone can change the layout of the office in just a few simple steps. Additionally, the tiles available for the Ethospace come in nearly 30 different varieties of colors and patterns, meaning that the perfect color combination for any workplace’s style is possible.

Ethospace also revolves around sustainability. As aforementioned, the steel frame core of every cubicle is effectively indestructible. No matter how many times the office is rearranged, old tiles are replaced, or how many users the cubicle hosts, the steel frame can be counted on to outlast the average wear and tear of common use. The framework also allows for multitudes of wires and cables to be hung in hollow spaces within the frame. This capacity enables greater technological connectivity within the cubicle, but it also means that all unsightly and possibly hazardous wires are tidily tucked away with ease, and accessing any of the cables for repair or relocation has never been simpler. Each cubicle is outfitted with several receptacles, so that the demands of any high-power position can be met comfortably.

The Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicle is one of the best options for modern office space design and organization available today. The perfect balance of flexibility and sustainability, the Ethospace combines a sturdy steel frame with arrangeable office components, simplified power access, and attractive, interchangeable tile designs. And, because they can be reused and redesigned without significant damage, finding a used or new Ethospace is more than possible. For further information, visit www.desksincorporated.com to see if a new or used Ethospace is available near you.