Standing Desk

The End of Sitting & The Future of Cubicle Workstations

With websites such as WebMD and, the average person in our time is more informed on what it takes to be healthy and what to look for when avoiding ailment and injury. But what many people still fail to realize is that some of life’s most harmful activities are lurking right under our nose—or rather, right under our bottoms.

Extensive sitting throughout the day, whether it be in the car, on the couch, or at the workplace, has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be exceedingly detrimental to your health.

According to several studies, the average person spends about 50 to 70 percent of their day sitting, and further studies have proven that extensive sitting can:

  • Increase your risk of cancer, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes.
  • Cause heart problems.
  • Trigger depression due to lack of sunlight.
  • Weaken the immune system.

Because of this, architects and designers are collaborating to design the office of the future—a space where standing and reclining are highly encouraged in an effort to make employees healthier, happier, and produce better work.

Reinventing the Workstation

In the Netherlands, an architecture company known as Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances (RAAAF) has teamed up with visual artist Barbara Visser to create a new-age design for the future office space. They call their collaboration “The End of Sitting”, and through the combination of sound architecture and creative design, they have completely reinvented cubicle workstations.

Featuring a design that can only be described as a minimalist’s rocky landscape, the architectural pioneer does away with chairs and desks altogether. The space provides dozens of varying nooks and alcoves wherein workers can choose their own positions to work from, whether it be standing, reclining, or even lying down. The team decided to test-run their design by temporarily installing the platform in a real office—and despite initial uncertainties, most of the workers reported a significant improvement in their overall well-being, as well as a rise in their energy levels.

Making the Change

Although the modern office will probably never see The End of Sitting” in their building in the immediate future, the movement for increased mobility and comfort in the workplace is rising to meet the project. Already, many offices are offering standing-desk options in their cubicle workstations and doing away with walled spaces altogether, allowing for greater mobility, interaction, and natural light within the workplace.

Office furniture in general is also shifting towards more comfortable pieces, and most notably, pieces that are arrangeable and versatile to allow for multi-use and varying positions to work from. Meetings are taking place outside of the office, on the go, and even in outside locations like cafés and parks. Some companies are even going the extra mile with office yoga sessions and lounge areas for employees to relax during the day.

At Desks Incorporated, we believe that with small but impactful changes such as these to the modern workspace, office employees can look forward to a future of better health and happiness at work. For more information on our workstations and cubicles, visit our website or give us a call at 303-777-7778.