5 Simple Motivation Tips for the Office

5 Simple Motivation Tips for the Office

Some of us are lucky enough that we are naturally motivated individuals, and getting things done is part of our programming. For others, being motivated or keeping the motivation that you find can be a struggle, almost impossible. One of the biggest places that this can be a problem is, you guessed it, at work. Sometimes it’s all we can do not to just toss in the towel and spend the rest of the day staring blankly at Facebook or playing with post-its.

Fortunately, there may be some identifiable reasons as to why you’re not able to light that fire under your butt to get going. Here are five simple tips that might help you understand where your lack of motivation stems from, and once you know why it’s happening, you might just be able to fix it.

The To-Do and Got-Done Lists

Sometimes the reason that we are unmotivated to get work done is because we don’t actually have a complete understanding of what exactly it is we’re supposed to get done! We’ve all been there, checking our email at the office when suddenly we realize we have no idea what it is we were supposed to be doing instead. Try making a to-do list that clearly identifies all the goals you have to complete that day, and once you’re done, cross them off. Then, at the end of the day, rewrite what you accomplished so that the next day you can pick up exactly where you left off.

Skill Variety

Schedules and routines can be very valuable to some people, but sometimes a lack of motivation comes from predictability and boredom. If you always make client calls on Mondays, and always do inventory checks Wednesdays, why not try flipping the two? You’d be surprised what a difference upsetting your natural order can make.

Making it Matter

Another big reason why people feel unmotivated is the feeling that the work they are supposed to do makes no real difference to their lives or the company. If no one cares, then what’s the point of getting it done? Talk to your coworkers, your boss, and yourself to understand and acknowledge just how vital your work is to the company and those around you, and you might just feel that bit more compelled to see it through.


Now, this one might be a little bit more complicated, but it’s a biggie. Having the freedom in your position to choose how and when you complete your work can be very beneficial to staying motivated. Talk to your manager or your immediate supervisor about any flexibility they might be able to offer you in terms of project executions and deadlines. You might not achieve complete freedom, but getting that extra bit of wiggle room can help keep you motivated and inspired by your own work.

Talk it Out

We might be adults, but the little kid inside of us is always looking for recognition and approval from our superiors, and that’s okay. Praise and reassurance go along way in getting that ego-boost that inspires us to keep bettering ourselves, and constructive criticism (when needed and when done correctly) helps to clearly identify where we have room for improvement and the reassurance that we have it in us to get it right.


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