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Expert Desk and Storage Solutions

For those of us lucky enough to born with a natural inclination for organization, keeping a space navigable and tidy is as simple as breathing. For the rest of us, however, it’s all we can do to stop ourselves from dumping our things wherever without a second thought for organization. Struggle or not, being organized is an incredibly important quality, and one place it is especially beneficial is in the office.

What’s wrong with just putting your things “wherever”, you ask? Well, being organized actually comes with many benefits, some of which you may have never before realized.

Did you know, for example, that being organized reduces stress levels? When you’re constantly climbing around obstacles and stretching over piles of objects, your blood pressure goes up and so do your stress levels. Additionally, the mere sight of clutter and piles can actually induce claustrophobic-like reactions from people, inducing anxiety that you may not even notice.

Being more organized gives you more time to do, well, everything. If you always know exactly where to find things, you waste no time trying to remember the last place you used your stapler, or where you might have put those budget reports last week. You have more time to do your job better and more efficiently, which means you’ll have more time to do the things you want after work.

Yet another benefit is better health—an organized environment is a clean environment, which means less bacteria, and less used sick days. It also allows more room for office aerobics and stretching, which have been proven incredibly beneficial

So if you struggle with organization how do you get on par with those natural-born organizers in the office? You may be wondering where to start. Well, fortunately for you, with help from the right people offering office furniture in Denver such as Desks Incorporated, a clutter-free environment is incredibly easy.

Start by de-cluttering your space. Trash everything that is no longer relevant to your work or even your current assignments—old “to do” lists, printed emails, etc. Once you’ve eliminated all unnecessary objects and trash, sort through your remaining items to discover what you use most. Leave those items out on top of your desk, and find storage space for the rest.

Finding storage space might seem tricky, especially in a smaller office. However, purchasing easy install shelves and drawer dividers makes it easy to create storage space. Additionally, using items like file cabinets and boxes offer simple, mobile organization that can move with you.

Lastly, make sure to label all your files in such a way that makes it easy for you to find them again to cut down on time-waste and stress. Try having an active files section and an archives section; this way, you know you’ll always have old information on hand without letting it clutter your current work space.

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