Creating a Personalized Workstation

No two people are alike, which means that no two people have the same idea of the perfect office setup. At Desks Incorporated, we believe that providing everyone with variety is as important as assuring quality. We offer designer office spaces from stellar quality companies, meaning we can assure a style and fit for your office.

One of our best options for providing personalized workstations is our Herman Miller ethospace cubicle. These cubicles are devoted to flexibility; built with the modern office in mind, Herman Miller understands that most businesses undergo constant changes and modifications over the years, and that quality office set-ups should be able to evolve along with the company.

Not only are they designed for every space, but each ethospace cubicle is also designed to be adjustable in and of itself. At its core, ethospace is a steel frame covered in removable tiles, each one interchangeable to allow the user to keep up with the ever-shifting necessities of office life, or just to give the space a fresh look. And, as an added bonus, the tiles don’t require any tools to remove or adjust, meaning any office space can be rearranged in a manner of minutes. Additionally, the tiles available come in nearly 30 different varieties of colors and patterns, meaning that the perfect color combination for any workplace’s style is possible.

As well revolving around flexibility, ethospace revolves around sustainability. As mentioned previously, the steel frame that is at the core of every cubicle is effectively indestructible. No matter how many times the office is rearranged, old tiles are replaced, or how many users the cubicle hosts, the steel frame can be counted on to outlast the average wear and tear of common use. Additionally, the framework is hollow, which allows for multiple cables and wires to be passed underneath with ease, keeping them out of the way and easily accessible. All cubicles are also fitted with multiple receptacles so all technology needs can be met.

In addition to the ethospace cubicles, Desks Incorporated offers cubicles from several other designers such as Open Panel Systems which feature several flexible cubicle designs for your office and offer multiple varieties of set ups for space and privacy. AIS offers non-panel based and panel based systems, depending on your preference of separation between desks and compartmentalization.

We at Desks Incorporated know that everyone is different, and we want to accommodate that by providing you with a wide array of choices for your office from the best personalized workstation designers in the country. To begin shopping for your new office workstation, visit