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Do You Need a Cubicle or a Workstation?

What is the difference anyway?  The main differences are size, privacy and available options. Cubicles tend to foster a sense of privacy because they are more closed off, while workstations foster a more open office culture where people are encouraged to work together.

There are definitely two schools of thought on whether privacy or a more open office space encourages employee productivity. When you consider whether a cubicle or workstation is the better option, think about the industry you work in and your office culture. If privacy and security are important to your industry then you will want to structure your environment to meet those needs. If you want to encourage brainstorming and team work, then a more open space configuration will meet your needs better.

With the numerous cost effective and flexible workspace solutions available today for both cubicles and workstations, you can design a work environment to meet whatever school of thought you belong to.

Cubicles and workstations are very adaptable and with the numerous options available to choose from; you can fully customize them and create the perfect office space and office culture for your employees. You can choose:

• Layout
• Panel width and or height,
• Panel details
• Fabric
• Laminate
• Storage options
• And weather your cubicles and workstations are new, used or refurbished

Sound overwhelming?
It doesn’t have to be. Desks Incorporated’s dedicated Office Planning Specialists are here to help you. We will understand your vision and needs, explore options with you and help bring your office furniture and space to life.  Visit us online at, stop by our Interactive Planning Center or give us a call 303-777-7778!