The Office Reno: The Right Partner is Everything

Whether you are moving to bigger space, downsizing to take advantage of remote work locations or just trying to reconfigure your existing space, you need a partner to help.  At Desks, Inc. we become your partner in changing your workspace.  What do we help you with?


Budgets.  First, we’ll make sure you don’t go over budget.  Renovating is great, but everyone needs to be aware of your budget constraints and respect them. With our huge inventory of new and certified pre-owned brand name furniture, you have a great selection in your price range.


Design.  Our design team will make sure that you use every inch of your space to reflect, or even shift, your corporate culture.  Maybe you want a more collaborative workspace, making it easier for employees to share information and ideas.  Maybe you need a workspace that encourages people to work remotely but use the office as common space for meetings and clients.  Today’s workspace is much more fluid and renovation and design are much more entwined.  What we know for sure is that you understand your business and we understand how to make your space work for your business.


Installation.  Your renovation partner should be there from beginning to end.  It’s not just about selling you furniture.  After design and selection, your partner needs to make sure every piece is installed exactly as you envisioned it.  At  Desks, Inc. we provide impeccable installation and we don’t leave till you are satisfied.


So, if you are thinking about moving to larger or smaller space, or just redesigning for more productivity, employee satisfaction, or a trying to effect a change in culture, choosing the right partner is critical.  Call us, as we said, with Desks Inc., it’s a partnership.