The Office Redesign: Cubicles and Workstations

There are many reasons for you to be thinking about redesigning your office. Your business might be more productive with an open plan rather than lots of closed offices.  Maybe you want a more collaborative atmosphere, which could mean walls have to disappear.  Maybe you are starting to have space issues that can be resolved without physically moving; or perhaps your workspace just needs a bit more oomph.  But open floor plans and cubicle arrangements are not part of your area of expertise; how exactly do you accomplish this without huge disruption?

At Desks, Inc. we have the answers and the solutions to your open plan -workspace needs.  First we start by listening and learning about your business, your staff, your culture and your budget.  We know that it is so much more than just picking out some cubicles and workstations.  It’s about creating the right design, then choosing the right style cubicle or workstation that meets both staffing needs and financial considerations.  Then comes delivery and installation.  Your Desks Team (sales, design and installation) are professionals in understanding everything from electrical layouts to work flow.  You don’t have to think about it because we do it all for you.

More than any other office redesign, cubicles and workstations need a particular expertise that Desks, Inc. can provide.